Wagner Says Ball Plays Dirty Politics

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Justin Wagner (D-Croton-on-Hudson), shown, says Greg Ball (R-Patterson) is playing dirty politics.
Justin Wagner (D-Croton-on-Hudson), shown, says Greg Ball (R-Patterson) is playing dirty politics. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

CROTON-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. - State Senate candidate Justin Wagner (D-Croton-on-Hudson) says incumbent Senator Greg Ball (R-Patterson) participated in dirty politics, by impersonating Wagner in an email.

Emails with the subject line "Wacky Wagner: Extremist Candidate for State Senate," appeared as coming from "Justin Wagner," at 11:24 a.m. Monday. The emails contained a link to a video and website, "www.WackyWagner.com," which attack Wagner's candidacy.

Three hours later, Wagner campaign manager Steve Napier sent out screen shots showing the "Wacky Wagner" website was registered by Ball. After Napier's email, website domain registration information was updated so that the registrant was listed as private, and run through Scottsdale, Ariz. company "domainsbyproxy.com."

Napier said the Wagner campaign is filing a complaint with Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore for false impersonation.

A website attacking Assembly member Steve Katz (R-Yorktown), "ww.KrazyyKatz.com" is also registered to Ball.

At the Wacky Wagner website, Wagner is accused of being controlled by campaign contributions from employees of the law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges, which employs about 1,200 lawyers and has 21 offices worldwide. Wagner is not a partner in the law firm, and has no control over the clients the law firm chooses to represent.

Ball's campaign manager, Jim Coleman, said in a statement, "An error was made in the email address 'from' column, the error was corrected and the message is clear." In another statement, Coleman said, "Extremist Wacky Wagner is a wolf in sheep’s clothing," and said donations from employees of Weil, Gotshal & Manges represented a conflict of interest.

The Ball campaign announced a news conference outside Ball campaign headquarters in Carmel on Tuesday morning, to address calls "for full disclosure." Calls for comment were not immediately returned by the Ball campaign.

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Comments (2)

I respect that Justin Wagner is trying to run a campaign about real issues for the voters. Justin would have a positive impact in the State Senate.

In the Thursday Sept. 13 Election for the Croton Board of Trustees, it’s exciting to see support growing for Kevin Davis’ Campaign for Croton Trustee. There are SIX letters in the Gazette this week supporting Kevin.

After six years of attending Croton Board Meetings, Kevin is very knowledgeable on the issues and is determined to make a positive contribution in Croton.

During this extremely hot summer, Kevin Davis has been going door-to-door meeting Croton residents and listening to what’s on our minds. Kevin understands that preventing rapidly growing taxes is a High Priority for Croton residents.

The Board needs Kevin’s New Ideas and Energy, and his Independent Voice.

On Thursday Sept. 13, Vote for Kevin Davis.

Why would anyone want to go into politics today? You think this is bad, have you been following the presidential race?An elderly person being thrown off a cliff, some claiming that Romney killed a woman with cancer. How about an undisclosed source that claims Romney hasn't paid taxes in over 10 years. There are more and more lies being told about candidates everyday It seems to be the way of life in politics. Folks, make them talk about the ISSUES!!! Don't let them be pettifoggers.
If you hear something that is wrong coming from them ,call them on it. It doesn't matter if it is a Republican or Democrat. Too much attention is being diverted from the real issues.