Sean Patrick Maloney Wins 18th District Primary

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Sean Patrick Maloney won the Democratic nomination for the 18th Congressional District in northeastern Westchester.
Sean Patrick Maloney won the Democratic nomination for the 18th Congressional District in northeastern Westchester. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sean Patrick Maloney

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. – Sean Patrick Maloney is the apparent winner of a five-way Democratic primary. Voters in New York's newly redrawn 18th Congressional District will have a choice between Maloney and incumbent Nan Hayworth (R-Bedford) in November's general election.

At approximately 11 p.m. Tuesday evening, with just over 80 percent of districts reporting unofficial results, Cortlandt cardiologist Dr. Richard Becker conceded to Maloney.

"I'd like to congratulate my opponent for his victory tonight and wish him the best of luck in the general election. The Hudson Valley can't afford two more years of this Tea Party Congress. One term was one too many for Nan Hayworth," said Becker in his concession to Maloney.

Following his victory, Maloney said, "My number one focus will be to create jobs, bring wealth to the middle class and get this economy moving again."  

The former aide to President Bill Clinton said incumbent Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (R-Mt. Kisco) is "Out of touch with the residents in the district."  When asked about whether fundraising will be a challenge in the months ahead he said "We have raised more money in 2012 than Hayworth has. Money will not be an issue."

Maloney worked in the administrations of President Bill Clinton and Govs. Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson. Maloney received Clinton's endorsement, but The New York Times criticized his role in "Troopergate" during the Spitzer administration. Maloney is a private attorney in New York City and ran for New York Attorney General in 2006. He received endorsements from the AFL-CIO and the New York State United Teachers, and reported raising $530,714 as of June 6. 

Although Becker lost the 18th District, according to unofficial results from the Westchester County Board of Elections, Becker did well in Westchester. Becker won an unofficial tally of 47 percent, or 1,042 votes, in Westchester and Maloney won an unofficial tally of 42 percent, or 934 votes. Buchanan resident and Times Square street vendor Duane Jackson won 2 percent of the vote in Westchester, or 34 votes.

Two Cortlandt Democrats, two village mayors and one Manhattan lawyer battled for the Democratic nomination, to run against Hayworth in the November general election.

Tuesday's Democratic ballot had five candidates.

The newly redrawn 18th Congressional District includes Bedford, Lewisboro, North Salem, Somers, Pound Ridge and North Castle. The new district lines take effect in January, after elected representatives take office.

The new 18th Congressional District in northeastern Westchester is part of a larger district including Orange, Putnam and the western part of Dutchess counties.

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Harris Rubinroit is very outspoken but not too creative. I've seen this same post at least 6 times--even attached to an article about a school board race outside of Croton!
If Mr. Davis actually knew what the budget process entails (which he should if he has attended so many board meetings) he would be aware that the proposed budget is submitted by the Village Manager to the Village Board. The trustees must then pare it down to an acceptable size for to retain services and keep taxpayers from over paying. Ann Gallelli and the current VB got the proposed budget down over 5% last year.

Just what we need, another democrat in the house.. Have we NOT seen enough of what they do when they get into office. I guess this sums it all up "We have raised more money in 2012 than Hayworth has. Money will not be an issue."

Closer to home, in the race for the Croton Board of Trustees, Kevin Davis offers new and good ideas and an independent voice to the Board.

Go Kevin Davis Go!

What does Eliot Spitzer and Bill Clinton have in common? Both have been involved in sex scandals and Sean Patrick Maloney has worked for both. Is there a Democrat candidate that is not an ethically challenged lawyer? Maybe that was Dr. Beckers problem.

With his constant pictures of himself standing next to Bill Clinton as a young White House aide and his harping on a minor donation that Dr. Becker, a hard-working and well respected physician and elected Democratic leader, made to Sue Kelly years ago, Mr. Maloney ran a lowest common denominator campaign..

Clearly, there is not much difference between the White Plains "mafia" controlling the Westchester Democratic Party, the Sheldon Silver wing in Albany, or the Democratic Congressional reelection committee in Washington which threw a ton of money into Mr. Maloney's race.

It's all about union money and power. In the crosshairs are intelligent, moderates like Dr. Becker who understand the problems faced by New York taxpayers and preach compassion with common sense.