Poll: Are Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan The Right Pair?

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Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, famous for his economic plan, will seek the vice presidency as Mitt Romney's running mate.
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, famous for his economic plan, will seek the vice presidency as Mitt Romney's running mate. Photo Credit: Flickr user Gage Skidmore

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan, a conservative Republican, is most famous for the economic plan he proposed to deal with the recession. 


Did Mitt Romney Make Right Choice With Paul Ryan As His Running Mate?

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Did Mitt Romney Make Right Choice With Paul Ryan As His Running Mate?

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Do you think Ryan was the best choice? Can he and Romney defeat President Obama to win the White House. Answer our poll to tell us if you think Ryan was the right pick, or let us know how you feel in the comments below. 

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Comments (74)

Though I would never vote for Romney/Ryan I am glad that Congressman Ryan is Mr. Romney's choice. I say this because the citizenry has a clear and transparent choice in November. A choice that will be directed and guided by contrasting ideas and the direction our nation should take. It should be very interesting. Probably as important an election in my life time. Jeff Meyer St.Pete/Tuckahoe, NY

who is the bigger fool? the fool, or the one who decides to follow?

Ryan's selection is an act of political desperation. Romney went to the right to pick Ryan, instead of the center. The center elects presidents. If Romney thinks he can win without Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, he is receiving bad advice. Ryan's budget proposals are laughable and will require ending the mortgage interest deduction and deductibility of state and local taxes. Coupled with demolishing Medicare and privatizing Social Security, Romney's newly adopted economic and budgetary plan (he never had one of his own), once elaborated to voters, will result in a huge boost to Obama. As a Democrat, I, too, look forward to the debates and Obama's second term.

@ miscer, I guess you are doing well. Looks like you are in the minority. I do wonder what you do to make a living, maybe politics or maybe civil service? Those two are doing well under this administration.
The economy is SINKING into the abyss and the president thinks that everything is OK with the economy. Its OK for him. He and his wife fly all over the world on OUR dime.
You are happy with 8.3% unemployment and even higher underemployment? Debt rapidly approaching 16 Trillion dollars. SS and medicare going broke and no one in the present administration seems to be concerned with that fact?
Kick the can down the road is their answer. Let our children and grand children worry about it., its not our problem.

Paul Ryan: "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."

God help us all and God Bless America!

I can't wait for the Vice Presidential debate!

they are the perfect pair, two of the biggest crooks in America. let them run the country, why not?

Just exactly what did they do to be declared "Crooks?"
Any charges brought up? Any evidence? Any trial?
Or did the same bird that whispered in Reid's ear do yours too?

Excellent choice. I hope the American people will focus on 'real' issues,,and now listen to "intellectual" debate. Can the American people leave the 'nonsense' campaign commercials behind, and get to the issues that affect our everyday life and future. I see the next election as an intelligence test for the American citizens. Good luck,,,sharpen your pencils,,and take your time,,no copying, lol... it's only your future you're voting on.

Ah, a sensible post. Thank you JS!

It fascinates me that the Obama team can accuse Romney/Ryan of wanting to cut Medicare when they themselves have already inflicted savage cuts on Medicare. They cut at least $500 Billion from Medicare in order to help fund Obamacare.

I wonder why that is not mentioned in Democratic talking points?

So true. But facts don't seem to mattar with the Obama supporters.

Politicians are the only people on God's good earth who create problems and then campaign to fix them....

Westchester Liberals: I'd be upset too if I woke up this morning and all I had was Obama-Biden. The Ryan - Biden debates should be fun. LOL. I just love reading angry and gutter level liberal rants like those on this comment chain.

Barnstorm: Those 55 and older will not be affected by Ryan's plan to overhaul Medicare - and there is no doubt that Medicare needs reform.

Eddie Thundercloud: no response seems appropriate to your comments.

The Romney & Ryan team will be unbeatable and the leadership America so desperately needs to re-claim the pride our Country once knew!

Can you spell..."CRY"...because that is what you will be doing after your loss.Please go out and paint your Outhouse...its as drab as your personality!

Typical response from the Left, name calling and no substance...

Mitt's choice clarifies the direction the Republicans want to move to... cut budgets, balanced budgets and drastic changes to SS and Medicare.. we'll see if Americans want this. But Ryan is a good choice for the hard right.

Paul Ryan made his career by inventing the republican plan to end medicare. That ought to go over REAL well in Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and other states where there are large blocks of elderly voters...unless of course the republican voter suppression tactics preclude them all from voting in the first place.
Rmoney has made his bed, and we'll just have to see how much his Koch Brothers/ Adelman/ US Chamber of Commerce (foreign) money superPACS millions can convince the American public to ignore reality.
Ryan isn't fit to scrub the toilets on Capitol Hill, much less pretend he's governing there.

Republicans don't need to do anything to end medicare. It's going bankrupt. It will end by itself, and faster with Obamacare.

The Morgue at Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx is more exciting than this pair of boobs( no disrespect meant to real boobs)