Croton Director Of Emergency Management Takes Over EMS

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Dick Nagle, head of Croton's Department of Emergency Management, is volunteering to provide more oversight of the Croton EMS.
Dick Nagle, head of Croton's Department of Emergency Management, is volunteering to provide more oversight of the Croton EMS. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

CROTON-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. – An acting head of the Croton EMS has been appointed by the Croton Board of Trustees, following a Citizen Advisory Committee report, which said that enrollment in the volunteer organization is low, turnover is high, and ambulance response times suffer as a result.

Dick Nagle, director of Emergency Management, was appointed "acting department head of the Croton EMS," at Monday evening's Board of Trustees meeting. Nagle said he "wasn't really surprised" that the board asked him to serve as the department head.

"As the head of the Citizens Advisory Committee, we've got a pretty good handle on some of the things that need to be done," Nagle said.

The Croton EMS has two paid EMTs, who are on staff 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The step was taken after the board became aware of the organization's slow response times, more than one year ago. The organization was also allotted a $16,500 recruitment budget 15 months ago, which remains untouched in the village coffers. 

The organization handles about 650 calls per year. As a point of comparison, the Croton Fire Department responds to about 140 calls per year.

"The Board of Trustees is very concerned with the current leadership's inability to retain members," Nagle said. "People drop out all the time."

He said his top priority will be to recruit drivers, since there must be both an EMT and a driver in an ambulance before it can leave the Harmon Firehouse, where the ambulance is stationed.

The resolution reads that the "Board of Trustees hereby accepts the recommendations of the Croton EMS Citizens Advisory Committee to provide additional oversight by appointing an acting department head that will report directly to the Village Manager."

Nagle said he'll provide that additional oversight by speaking with the village manager every day, similar to a daily report provided by the Croton police chief. Additionally, he'll provide a written report each month, which is now completed by current EMS leadership. Nagle is working with the Croton EMS on a volunteer basis, and will not be compensated.

Although Nagle said the Croton EMS will retain the current leadership, it's unclear what their role will be in the future or how it might change as a result of "necessary operational changes for the proper functioning of the Croton EMS," as the resolution states.

Current Croton EMS leadership could not be reached for comment Monday evening.

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Comments (5)

Good luck seeing Mr.Nagel on the ambulacne!!! Hes been in Career Fire agencies his whole life, he knows nothing about running an EMS agancy. With all these articles pointing out all the negatives about Croton EMS why would they even think someone would want to come and join. Croton EMS has way to many problems for someone who wants to learn and help. They don't have the leadership, training equipnement or even the mainpower to train someone anyway. Its a disfunctional organization that needs to go fully paid ASAP to actually protect the village the way it should be.

Sounds like Mrs.D has been eating some unripe grapes.Just my thoughts.Don't worry Mr.Nagle,you can't make everyone happy.

To all concerned citizens of the Village of Croton, please call 914-862-1600 and leave your contact information for volunteering and someone will get back you as soon as possible. Thank you all for helping to solve this "problem" with Croton EMS. No experience necessary, we will train :0)

Well then maybe Mr. Nagle should actually join Croton EMS and go on some calls and actually get some EXPERIENCE in EMS to be able to "run" it. Just a thought!!!!!

I'm not weighing in on the right or wrong of this appointment. I don't know the details nor have I looked at official reports. However, Richard Nagle is an experienced first responder having served for many years with the Croton Fire Department. He is al professional and an extremely knowledgeable man. Croton is lucky to have his contributions to what appears to be a serious problem.