More Potholes, More Problems For Westchester Drivers This Winter

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When rain and snow freeze within potholes, the open space expands, further exacerbating the pesky cracks in the road.
When rain and snow freeze within potholes, the open space expands, further exacerbating the pesky cracks in the road. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – An increase in potholes this winter has turned Westchester roads into an obstacle course, causing damage to many tires, rims and shocks.

Teresa Golebiowski of Yonkers said she will not take the Bronx River Parkway south after a pothole near Reid Avenue destroyed her front right tire.

“I hit the hole and popped the tire,” she said. “Palmer Road near the Sprain bridge is an obstacle course.”

Ken Schoene, of Dobbs Ferry, compared driving this winter to "driving on the moon."

“We got a lot more this year because it’s so cold,” Vinnie Duffield, superintendent of highways in Pound Ridge, told Daily Voice.

Duffield said that the fluctuations in temperature and double-the-average amount of snow this winter is causing the uptick in potholes. Road material expands when it gets warm and then cracks form. Those cracks expand when rain and snow fill those cracks and then freeze. Duffield called this the “freeze and thaw cycle.”

“The main roads are pretty bad, but the back roads seem to be holding out pretty well,” he said.

Like Duffield, Bedford's Highway Commissioner, Kevin Winn, said he has also noticed more potholes this winter. 

Westchester has had 55-to-65 inches of snow dumped on it this winter, more than double the average of 27.7 inches during 10.7 snow days each winter, according to Current Results Research News & Science Facts.

Rivertowns Taxi in Hastings-on-Hudson is also feeling the brunt of the pothole epidemic. Its co-owner, Sean O’Reilly, said it can be costly.

"Pot holes are killing my cars' front ends and they destroy the wheel rims," he said. “All the highways are bad this year. We get tire blowouts and front end work can cost in the hundreds of dollars depending on the damage."

Regina Herring wrote on Daily Voice's Facebook page that Lexington Avenue in Mohegan Lake is the worst when traveling east from Route 202.

Where are the worst potholes in your area?

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Comments (11)

This very pothole above on RT 202 near Beach is large enough to go swimming in! Deep and dangerous

Every road in Mount Vernon has potholes, and most of them are huge. The average width is about 15 inches and the average depth is about 8 inches.
I don't expect to see any patching until the summer months, and it will be very limited. Most roads need to be completely paved from curb to curb. But as long as Mayor Davis and his appointed commissioners continue to misappropriate millions of taxpayer dollars and divert those monies into private hands, Mount Vernon will continue to deteriorate.

North bound Taconic, can't see them at night when the road is wet.
But at least the edges are getting beveled ;)

Lincoln Ave. and Sandford Blvd. are deadly and, because they are in Mount Vernon, may never be fixed.

White plains business district..maple, mam. ave like traversing a battlefield

Potholes? They are more like craters. Weaver street and all of Boston Post Road between Port Chester and Larchmont are so bad. There are going to be more accidents because people are trying to dodge them and when you hit them they actually throw your car the other direction. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I have just stopped driving because whenever I accidentally hit one I start to get contractions.

The potholes in Mount Vernon are definitely more like craters. In fact, it appears that Mount Vernon's roads have more craters than are on the Moon!

Maybe they should stop making roads out of cheap garbage that disintegrates in a year.

I lost a tire on Friday, Jan 24 in a pothole. 187.00 later.... Now I drive like a pokey old fart and no longer "hug the right" because most of the holes are on the margins.

Wilmot Road in Scarsdale, Pinebrook Blvd. in New Rochelle and the Bronx River Pkwy from Crane Road in Scarsdale up to the County Center in White Plains. Motorists see you braking and dodging potholes and YET they still ride your bumper!