Metro-North Fires Conductors Caught Cheating On Safety Exams

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Nine rookie Metro-North conductors were fired after they were caught cheating on a safety exam.
Nine rookie Metro-North conductors were fired after they were caught cheating on a safety exam. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Nine first-year Metro-North conductors were fired while three others were reassigned after they were caught cheating on a safety test during a training session, according to the New York Daily News. 

One or more of the conductors gained access to a written safety exam, photographed the questions with a smart phone, and shared it with other members of the training program, the Daily News said. 

The nine conductors that were fired had less than a year of experience and thus did not have union protections. The three on reassignment were demoted to their previous titles, the Daily News reported. 

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Comments (5)

Only fired or reassigned? What about some hard time? Nothing ever happens to gov't employees in situations like this because the punishment is given by other gov't employees. There is honor among thieves.

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I would not recommend "jail time," cause they would move on to bigger criminal activity by learning more tricks from hardened criminals. And, most likely they would just get community service if their case went to court. Our Justice system doesn't work either. People with the better lawyers and the best arguments win. But, it is not just government workers who cheat, but most people. We need to fire and take away pensions but what you said about honor among thieves does apply here. Even thieves have rights.

People cheat so a written test should never be the only criteria for proving one has learned the material. This is why people who drive are required to complete two tests. The written (that is just a joke really) and the actual driving test. With all that is happening with the rails lately, all conductors, pilots, bus drivers all should have a refresher course every year along with a physical. What happened on the Hudson line should be a wake up call to everyone responsible for someone else's safety. "When will we ever learn/"

I'm stunned that people can be so dishonest! This is how they get by in life? So extremely grateful they were caught.