Frost Will Affect Cortlandt For Third Straight Night

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Frost reportedly could affect plants and crops in Westchester for a third straight night.
Frost reportedly could affect plants and crops in Westchester for a third straight night. Photo Credit:

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Sensitive plants will be in danger in Westchester County for the third night in a row as the National Weather Service has issued a Frost Advisory in Southern Westchester and another Freeze Watch in Northern Westchester on Friday from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Temperatures will once again dip down close to freezing in much of Westchester and a few degrees below it in northern parts of the county. Mostly clear skies and not much wind will create favorable conditions for frost to form, according to the advisory.

The National Weather Service recommends that sensitive crops and plants should either be covered, or, if possible, brought inside for the night.

The sudden spring cold snap will finally start to ease on Friday with temperatures reaching a slightly more seasonable low to mid 50's. After a weekend in the high 50's, temperatures in the 60's are expected to return at the start of next week.

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Comments (3)

they're "making a lot of drama out of nothing" -- because they cover nothing, this is about as vapid a "news" site as it gets. There used to be such a thing as the fourth estate in this country, no more. This is flat out pathetic. I realize nobodies getting paid here, but c'mon, show some pride, break a sweat. We are living in unprecedented times, this crap is pure anesthesia.

I was just going to write what the commenter already wrote:

Our last frost date here is May 15 give or take 2 weeks.

You shouldn't have sensitive plants out now in the first place.

This article is making a lot of drama out of nothing.

The planting time in lower Westchester for tender plants is May 15 at the earliest! Safest for everyone in Westchester to wait until Memorial Day to plant perennials and annuals. I once saw a killing frost here in late May - burned the emerging foliage right off a beautiful cutleaf Japanese maple and certainly did damage to other tender plants and foliage. Don't be fooled by warm days in April and early May. Nighttime killing frosts can and do happen here!
Jeanne Wilcox
Certified Landscape Designer, Horticulturist and Master Gardener