Poll: Cortlandt, Do You Make New Year's Resolutions?

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Pictured is the ball that is dropped in White Plains each year. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

CORTLANDT, N.Y. -- In the New Year some Cortlandt residents will make hard-to-keep resolutions, and others will skirt the tradition altogether.


Cortlandt, do you make a New Year's resolution?

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Cortlandt, do you make a New Year's resolution?

  • Yes, I have a resolution every year.

  • No, I stopped making resolutions.

  • I don't have an opinion.

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Croton resident Georgianna Grant said via The Cortlandt Daily Voice Facebook page, that she's "going to try harder to 'live in the now.'"

The New Year's mission of The (Greater) Croton Songbook is, of course, to, "Publish more fabulous songs by Croton musicians!"

Many said they would not resolve, or had stopped making resolutions completely.

Joe Schippa, via The Cortlandt Daily Voice Facebook, wrote, "I'm resolved not to make any resolutions," but that, "I've switched to setting a daily intention."

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