Westchester Football Fans Weigh In On Tim Tebow

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Several New York Jets players anonymously ripped backup quarterback Tim Tebow in a story in the New York Daily News on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Henry Ordosgoitia
Mark Sanchez remains the starting quarterback for the New York Jets despite the team's 3-6 record and the pressure from fans to start Tim Tebow. Photo Credit: Henry Ordosgoitia

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – The New York Jets are 3-6 this season, and the controversy surrounding backup quarterback Tim Tebow refuses to go away.


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Some fans have called for head coach Rex Ryan to bench starting quarterback Mark Sanchez in favor of Tebow. But several Jets players anonymously told the New York Daily News on Wednesday that Tebow is not fit for the job, and one player even went so far as to call him “terrible.”

Paul Robibero of Ardsley spoke bluntly about Tebow’s skills but still believes he should take the snaps for the Jets.

“Tebow has zero ability to play QB in this league, but he has more heart than anyone in the league and will lead this team to more wins than Sanchez could,” Robibero said. “The anonymous players that ripped Tebow have no heart.”

Ossining’s Luanne Federico, whose husband is a coach and whose son played for the Ossining High School football team, said the Jets must rethink their identity.

"I have spent a lot of time thinking about this situation and even though I am just a female and what do I know, as my son would often tell me, I think Tebow should be given an opportunity and the team needs to remember what a team is,” Federico said. “They are a disgrace. ... Put energy into winning instead of whining and moaning. I cannot even imagine how half of them would handle a ‘real’ job."

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Comments (2)


The Jets need to win games... but putting Tebow in as a starter might be rough on him. Maybe give Sanchez three more starts to get his team back to .500 ..If he doesn't get it done, let Tebow have the last four games of the season to see what he can do.

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