Swertfager Women To Face Each Other In Volleyball

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CORTLANDT, N.Y. - Theresa Swertfager grew up with the Hendrick Hudson volleyball program, going to practice and games ever since she was young along with varsity volleyball coach and mom, Diane Swertfager.

There was never any question what sport Theresa Swertfager would follow; she has become a volleyball standout and is currently an impact player on the John Jay-Cross River varsity.

On Wednesday, mother and daughter will meet on the volleyball court as John Jay-Cross River travels to Hen Hud.

This will be the first varsity meeting between the Swertfager women.

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Comments (2)

Coca that is ridiculous. Yes report on issues in HHHS but to ignore sports at the same time why? I do agree I'd like to see an article on the fact that the sophmores and up no longer have study hall and can go to the library or cafeteria and that the school won't be hiring subs if a teacher is out for a day or two especially when I'm hearing that the reason for that was to save money. On the flip side Irelative to no study hall 've heard that the students have been great and are not causing disturbances by having some additional flexibility in where they go during free periods. I for one don't have an issue with the change I have an issue as to the reason for the change.

The last thing you should be reporting on, with regard to thr HHSD is sports ANYTHING. There are so many problems within the high school. Lack of everything; including Subs for teachers. What is going on? Free periods instead of study hall-where there is a teacher in the room. What is going on? And why are the parents sitting down and doing nothing? Hey, how about going to a board meeting and voicing your anger and outrage at what this board is doing?