Hen Hud Board Restricts Property Use During School Day

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The Hendrick Hudson Board of Education voted Wednesday evening to bar "unauthorized visitors" from using school grounds during school hours.
The Hendrick Hudson Board of Education voted Wednesday evening to bar "unauthorized visitors" from using school grounds during school hours. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

MONTROSE, N.Y. - Dog walkers, joggers and others are barred from using Hendrick Hudson School District's property during school hours, as of Wednesday evening.


What do you think of the Hen Hud Board of Education's decision to limit community access to school property during school hours?

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What do you think of the Hen Hud Board of Education's decision to limit community access to school property during school hours?

  • I agree, this is the right way to start enhancing security.

  • I disagree, this resolution doesn't enhance security enough to be worth it.

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A resolution passed by the board of education identifies the measure as a security decision; the proposal was made in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. school massacre.

"Unfortunately, what it means that if you used to walk your dog somewhere on school property you need to find a different place," said Interim Superintendent Brian Monahan. He said the same would be true of anyone using the track during school hours.

According to the resolution passed by the board, "all district property is closed to unauthorized visitors during school hours."

The resolution continues that "at times during which there is no threat to the safety and security of students and staff the district will continue to welcome members of the community on to its property."

The resolution does not identify specific times that are appropriate for community members to use the property, or would not present a "threat to the safety and security of students and staff."

Asked whether after-school hours were an appropriate time for community members to use district property, Monahan referred The Daily Voice reporter to the resolution.

"What the district wrestled with is we want the properties to be secure, but we recognize that the schools belong to the entire community as well. So we want to be welcoming at the same time that we're safe," Monahan said.

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Comments (7)

Because its always been done that way is not a reason to keep it that way.The area is not the same as it was.People that use to live there, have passed away or moved away.The extended families that raised their children there have gone to more affordable areas.I was born and raised in Buchanan and my children were raised there for some years.It use to be a nice place.When I ride down that area now,its become dumpy.Plenty has changed.
There are enough parks and quiet streets to use during the day for health benefits.Obviously, the ones who do use the track are rare,because looking around the area there I see few interested in keeping fit.
Keeping children safe is the number one priority.Unfortunately we dont live in Mayberry anymore.

Rrrrrrright. Because its always been done that was is an excellent reason to keep doing something.

It only takes once incident. And I know this community. We would all be the first to wag our fingers at the school board and yell and that more could have been done to prevent the unthinkable from happening.

Wake up. The world has changed and we must change with it.

People have been walking on that track for years and they never once shot up H.H.H.S. Their thoughts are with health.H.H. always had the dome available in winter for walkers also.I think all your BLA,BLA is a big crock and you are just trying to instill fear in people.I said all I am going to say on this.I spoke my mind.The end.....

No one is being punished. School facilities should be reserved for school related use during normal school hours. You can't have a situation where students are intermingled with the "General Public," on school property during the school day.

Our schools have a responsibility to protect out students and our facilities and sadly this needs to be done through limiting access during key points of the day.

The schools have no way of knowing if someone is using the track because of health issues or because they have a more nefarious purpose. Sadly this is what our world has come to. This is a small price to pay in exchange for the safety our students.

angel125,I agree with you 100%,we all are being punished for the actions of a couple of people.I wish they would get serious and place armed security at our schools.

Armed security? This is just a reactionary statement, that sounds good in theory. What about the guy who shot up the Fort Hood? There were hundreds of armed personnel available and trained for just such a threat and they were powerless.

More guns is not the answer to solving gun crime.

People walking on the track,which they have done for years because it IS S AFE ,should not be restricted . They are not the ones you have to worry about.Some people who have had a stroke or knee surgery need that track during school hours.Find another way! Let the walkers get a card of approval or some other way so they can be there.It sounds to me like every human is going to be punished because 1 nut unscrewed!!!...This is my opinion and I think you are WRONG!!!!