Tommy Thurber Lane Residents Petition For Drainage

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Residents of Tommy Thurber Lane in Montrose say say they've been battling swampy backyards and flooded basements for years.
Residents of Tommy Thurber Lane in Montrose say say they've been battling swampy backyards and flooded basements for years. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

MONTROSE, N.Y. – Some Tommy Thurber Lane residents are petitioning Cortlandt to address flooding problems on the street, but Cortlandt officials say there isn't funding for the costly project.

Fifty residents and neighbors of the street petitioned the town for resurfacing and drainage solutions. Some residents say they've been battling swampy backyards and flooded basements for years.

Cortlandt officials say any solutions would first have to address drainage on Meadow Road, "which has experienced flooding for many years."

"Previous proposals to mitigate flooding in the Meadow Road area included a million dollar drainage system diversion project, over a mile of downstream improvements, and constructing a costly retention basin at the end of Henning Drive," wrote Jeff Coleman, head of the town's Department of Environmental Services.

"Funding for these improvements has not been identified," he wrote. He added, "A drainage solution is unlikely to occur in the near future."

Residents say the road lies on a low water table, contributing to flooding. Joe Duraes, who helped circulated a petition requesting road resurfacing and drainage work on the street, said the project is a necessary evil.

"They'll probably have to gut the entire street. It'll be a nightmare to live around here while the work is going on, but it's necessary," Duraes said.

The petition said that although the town has exercised "due diligence" by looking into the problem, "no satisfying solution or remedy was offered."

"It's frustrating because Tommy Thurber Lane is still not a priority," Duraes said.

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Comments (5)

P.S. Many thanks to Jessica for covering this story. I hope that she will be able to follow up with those in office to see if they have a response.

I live in this area, and although there have always been water issues, they have only gotten worse in the last few years. And, at least in part, because of the water problems the roads around here are atrocious (I say this knowing we are not alone). For all of the bragging that the local government does about the money it spends on memorials, open spaces and playgrounds, to say there is no money to support the infrastructure of this town is ridiculous. It makes the area look shoddy and uncared for.

is this a new problem? or was it there when everyone bought their house?? i bought a house near campsmith and knew what i was getting, noise and alot of it. so don't go crying if now you feel there's a problem.

Yes as this is true the fiscal responsibility is at question as always. Seem to come up with big monies for Memorial projects n playground monies I cd think of two right now . Meanwhile our infrastructure is in dire need of repair.... In the town of Cortlandt and yes I will hear agaiin and again these monies were set aside or granted. Getting old (fix the roads).........

If there is a road there is a problem these days in Cortlandt, the roads are terrible with potholes, ruts, and uneven surfaces just about anywhere you go. Little to nothing is being done to them. The town cries poor mouth, yet it has blocked Walmart from building and paying more taxes, which just might be used to repair roads.