Who Won 2nd Debate: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

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Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama fielded questions from undecided voters in Tuesday night's debate.
Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama fielded questions from undecided voters in Tuesday night's debate. Photo Credit: Matt Zalaznick photo of NBC Broadcast

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. ‒ Did President Obama bounce back or is Mitt Romney turning the tide of the election? Vote in our poll on who won the second presidential debate. 


Who do you think won the second presidential debate?

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Who do you think won the second presidential debate?

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You can also comment below: What did you think of the town hall format? What do you think are the most urgent foreign policy issues? Who asked the best question? 

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Comments (25)

Romney cannot become president.

The right has done nothing during Obama's presidency to help the country - zero. They have no right to even have a candidate. Voting for them is voting for the corporate takeover of America - Mitt's biggest "aquisition as a venture politician". Don't do it America - if you thought 2008 was bad, wait until they have all the power to suck the country dry and horde everything. I will take slow but steady progress anytime over the bait and switch the Republicans are promising.
Ryan? Really? Second in command of the most powerful nation ever? Holy "insert expletive here"....

Are you kidding about the right with all you see Obama and the left have done to this country, btw that's the sucking sound you hear. Corporate America has been in the tank for Obama for almost 4 years (ask yourself how many bankers or business people has he put in jail? Zero, that's how many. As for Ryan, how can you even bring him up where we are one heart beat away from Biden taking over the reins, and yea "insert expletive here".

and Obama said losing 4 Americans in Libya "was not optimal", how can a President be so flippant in his remarks about American lives. Just a few days earlier he had choice words to say about the video maker that he purported to the American people was to blame for this terrorist attack.

Obama lying to woman that Plant Parenthood does mammograms, anyone at this point can go on and on about this guy being an empty suit. I don't believe him to be that smart or that hard working. He has no substance, yesterday in a campaign speech he tried to fire up his base by heckling Romney to the crowd by calling him Romnesia, and last week he finally pulled the Big Bird adds, is it now insulting to your intelligence at this point still supporting this guy???

They are ALL empty suits. None of them has our interest in mind - NONE.
I guess you did not see the VP debate - Ryan knows NOTHING about foreign policy - NOTHING. He had rehearsed sound bites that people fell for. Obama - mediocre. Romney - will be an ultimate fail for the country. My choice is made. Don't waste your time trying to convince me otherwise and I won't waste anymore of yours...

At least Bama showed up to this debate. His performance was probably fine for his base, but I'm sure he did little to win over undecided voters. When the college student asked about what they would do to help people like him find a job, bama started talking about bringing manufacturing jobs back from overseas- are you kidding me? This kid just graduated college and you think he wants to be a welder? or assembing an iphone? When Romney started hammering him on his record he had absolutley no response, Crowley bailed him out. His outright denial about the decrease in drilling on federal lands was a complete lie, and the benghazi thing was silly- the president himself and his surrogates were blaming a youtube video for 2 weeks before admitting what everyone knew from day 1 - that it was a terrorist attack.

In 2008 the slogan was "Hope and Change" 2012 slogan " Change there's Hope".

...'ridiculous pensions for greedy union members'? gee, guess we don't have to guess which side of the aisle you sit on. How about honoring previously agreed upon contracts? Oh wait, that's for the peons and they don't count, only the 'bond holders' should be considered....pfft.

As for the debate, from the first question from the student...which I feel wasn't answered by either of them, to the question about gm....it wasn't really all that informative. For those who know who they're voting for, they still know and for those that don't, this didn't help...

I heard some guy at a hearing claim that his request for more security assets for Libya was denied. But that is almost always the case. It's called budgeting, and the congress limits security money. That constraint is borne by our diplomatic personnel. There is no reason to assume the additional resources would have been enough to overcome a determined attack.

What bothers me is the inadequate acknowledgement of the loss of ten Libyan defenders. They had families too and did their duty for our ally.

I would never think the president or the vice president should be aware of every security request and situation in every foreign building. My problem here is with the obvious cover-up. It was so obvious that the political machine took right over and immediately began blaming the youtube video- and he actually apologized for our 1st amendment free speech rights, that they could offend others. It was his go-to game- the theory of the liberal- that if we are attacked, it must be our own fault, something WE did instead of being angry with the attackers.

Crowleys false fact check saved Obama on the Libya question. She saved Obama when Romney called him out about lying about GM's bankruptcy, he himself having investments in China and the Cayman Islands, and not even mentioning that Obama pays less in taxes than his secretary and how woman who work in the WH get paid less than their male counterparts. Additionally, Michelle broke rules by applauding, and lastly please go to breitbart.com to see the top ten lies of the evening.

I think the President demonstrated masterful "spin" when questioned about how he and his administration handled the Libia terriost attack. Much better than what one term President Jimmy Carter did about the Iranian hostage situation. Just comparing.

I think the President was masterful last night. He was able to show his passion and strength without seeming boorish and disrespectful. And he got visibly upset and offended when Romney tried to politicize the tragedy in Libya, which I feel was appropriate and sincere. Romney kept repeating the same rehearsed lines and refused to adhere to the rules of the format, rules which the campaigns had agreed to beforehand. Typical of one who feels he doesn't have to abide by the same rules as everyone else.

It was an excellent debate. Both men did a good job. Obama however, captured the true essence of the issues while Romey continued to stretch the truth thinking that most of the viewers would be won over by his "charm". He skirted around the important ones and fabricated his answers to make himself look in control. He was an actor and came across as such.... no sincerity.... no commitment. His private, elitist education trained him well. Obama on the other hand was professional, strong and commanding and challenged Romney on every one of his exaggerations and misstatements. Watching, one could see Romney begin to squirm and fudge even more dramatically. If any change at all, I believe it would be people moving from Romney to Obama.

First, calling a candidate a twit or a liar is a typical liberal tactic when they have nothing to back up their claims. Second, all I have been hearing from the left is that Romney has not laid out the specifics of his plans. Have we ever heard the President's specifics? He is very good at talking in generalizations and telling us what he wants to do but never tells us how and we all know how his promises of 2008 are going. Talking strong and dynamic as one person here says is not a reason to elect someone, deeds and experience are.

O was strong and dynamic last night. He showed he deserved a second term. Mitt the twit was, as usual, full of lies and flipfloppery.

Romney was able to point out the duplicitous tactics of the President when he cornered the President on his own investments overseas, the bankruptcy the president put the auto industry through (but didn't go far enough to point out the Presidents circumvention of bankruptcy law by ignoring primary bond holders rights in favor of ridiculous pensions for greedy union members) and his sueing to stop those drilling for oil and the huge decrease in federal permits issued. The President continued to use distorted and twisted attacks of class warfare instead of stating actual new policies or any details that might actually get this over reaching federal behemoth out out the minutia of liberty loving Americans daily lives. Govenor Romney was also able to corner the President onthe mismanagement of Libya and bring a little light to the mess the Pres policies made of the middle east. Too much to say and no time to say it. So far I still have a job, that if the Pres gets re-elected will become even more at risk. It's time for him to finally keep his rhetoric aligned with his actions and leave.

Romney was VERY rude, disrespectful and condescending to our President! If he can't respect the leader of his country during a televised debate, how will he respect the average, fellow American if elected???


Why do you think that was the best question?

Best question was by Michael Jones of Queens, who voted for Obama in 2008 and asked why he should vote for him again!

Agreed. And Romney's response was a complete indictment and summation of Obama's failures.