Westchester Republicans Praise Choice Of Paul Ryan

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U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's choice for his vice presidential running mate.
U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's choice for his vice presidential running mate.

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. - Republican officials in Westchester reacted warmly to Mitt Romney's pick of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate, which was announced Saturday morning in Norfolk, Va.

Former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer praised the decision announced Saturday morning calling it an "excellent and exciting choice."   "I think he's showing a lot of courage and leadership with his selection of Ryan," said Spencer, "I hope the American people get beyond the rhetoric of commercials and their childishness and focus on important issues such as our economy." Spencer went on to add, " Ryan has gone head-to-head against President Obama on the budget. He's no shrinking violet on the issue of real fiscal reform."

State Sen. Greg Ball (R-C, Patterson),  who is a Romney delegate for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., later this month commented, "The selection of Ryan is certainly a bold move that will allow Romney to set forth a clear choice for America in the general election in November. It showcases them as a no 'BS' team to get this country back on track again." Ball, whose district includes parts of Westchester, said "Romney will focus like a laser on the economy and jobs and the failure of this administration on these issues."

Republican analyst for Fox News and national political correspondent for Talk Radio News Service, Tony Sayegh of Eastchester, said Ryan is "Not only the perfect pick for Romney, but exactly the bold type of leader we need." Sayegh said, "The words associated with Ryan are optimistic, innovative, bold and solution-focused," adding "Ryan's proven ability to reach across the political aisle in his home state of Wisconsin will bring Democrats and undecideds to select Romney."

George Oros, chief of staff for Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino called Ryan  "A great choice due to the difficult economy that the Obama White house has placed our country in. Ryan has a terrific understanding of the federal budget and the workings of Congress."

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Comments (10)

To all my friends who see an unending supply of money this is our last chance to get us back to financial sanity.

Look at our own New York State, you will see our Nation down the road, a failure. We are a State ruled by a few and never have so few done so much to harm so many.

Your "rich" neighbors will soon be packing their wallets where you will not be able to get at them if the current administration is voted back in.

We will be in the "wheel chairs" being rolled to the happy pill when you cost them too much.

In my view, Governor Romney is a very weak candidate that the Tea Party hopes to control. The Tea Party's influence can be seen in the selection of Representative Ryan as Mr. Romney's running mate. It is a chilling choice, considering Representative Ryans dystopian view of America, which is a return to privileges for the wealthy at the expense of all other Americans and a rolling back of all that has been hard-won over the last century. Let's hope that Americans can see clearly what this Republican ticket stands for, and that it does not stand for them.

Great pick! Can't wait for the debates.Biden does not have the intellect to go toe to toe with Ryan. Should be quite entertaining!

I like him, he's just a bit less baffoonish than Biden and about 20 times the intelligence- The dems will ruthlessly attack him, his family and his budget plan- but we know they certainly can't run on their own record of disaster. November can't come soon enough for me.

Right on.

Look at the video of Ryan dressing down Obama on that insipid bi-partisan debate. Obama had no comeback to Ryan's 6 minute statement of what Obamacare really means in terms of economics. Brilliant.

Sad choice from a pathetic Party.

Don't be so hard on Obama-Biden. They were both dropped on their heads when they kids.

Ryan: Comes from a Congress that is less popular than Nixon during Watergate; wants to end medicare; is homophobic; likes to tell women what they can and cannot do. Good luck in Westchester, R&R!

I wish you were smarter so you can see how stupid you really are.