Resident: Cortlandt's Kings Ferry Road Has Speeding Problem

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A truck drives down Kings Ferry Road, which becomes Sixth Street in Verplanck.
A truck drives down Kings Ferry Road, which becomes Sixth Street in Verplanck. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

CORTLANDT, N.Y. – Cortlandt Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi asked town police agencies to provide additional enforcement for Kings Ferry Road near Verplanck, after a resident wrote the supervisor to say he felt "helpless" in efforts to slow down traffic.

"I have contacted the Department of Transportation and the State Police on more than one occasion but unfortunately their efforts have done little to deter the constant speeding traffic along this section of road," wrote Chris Esposito, a Verplanck resident, in a letter to Puglisi.

"Please give me your thoughts and ideas on traffic calming issues," she wrote to Westchester County Police, New York State Police and head of Cortlandt's highway division, Jeff Coleman.

Westchester County Police placed a trailer mounted radar speed director, which flashes a driver's speed as the motorist drives toward the radar unit, on Kings Ferry Road.

The matter is also being referred to the Traffic Safety Committee.

Puglisi said the town may plan for additional sidewalks along Kings Ferry Road, and may put up more signage along the road.

Cortlandt residents commented via Facebook, that Kings Ferry Road was not the only town road that drivers treated as a "race track."

"Washington Street and Watch Hill Road Especially," wrote Laura Giarratano Marques, on The Cortlandt Daily Voice Facebook page about other roads where speeding is an issue.

"Montrose Station Road is like a race track!!" wrote Amy Ceconi, also on Facebook. 

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Comments (6)

Kings Ferry Rd. is like a speedway!!! there should be more traffic lights,hopefully that would slow people down. lets not wait for someone to get killed!!

As Mac976 already alluded to and common sense would lead a normal person to deduce. It is quite apparent the both the State and County Police serve no real purpose in Verplanck. Other than sitting at steamboat dock and knocking back a nice quiet cup of joe.

Add Watch Hill Road to the race tracks. Only when strict enforcement will things slow down.

Unfortunately these r the main cruising roads for the families to run there kids to the local schools sporting events n to get to work on time. Sorry it just won't change unless your the unlucky one to get a ticket. Those roads been that way for years....

Furnace Dock Road is also another speedway.

It is a lack of a police presence that allows this problem to escalate. Nobody pays any attention to that trailer. The only thing that thing does is force pedestrians off the sidewalk and into the path of traffic