Peekskill Officials Fighting Methadone Clinic

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Peekskill officials and city residents are fighting a planned methadone clinic on the Cortlandt border. Methadone, which is taken orally, is used to treat heroin addiction. Photo Credit: Art Cusano

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. – City officials are exploring their options after the city’s Planning Board approved a drug treatment clinic near the Cortlandt border in June.

Mayor Mary Foster told residents at the July 16 Common Council meeting that Common Council members were not aware of the Planning Board’s approval of a methadone clinic at 3 Corporate Drive. The clinic is intended to replace one currently operating out of the Hudson Valley Hospital Center.

Methadone is a drug used to treat recovering heroin addicts that mitigates withdrawal symptoms. Patients are given methadone over a period of time to wean them off of heroin and are eventually weaned off of methadone as well.

An online petition by area residents opposing construction of the clinic has almost 30 signatures to date.

“We on the council are just as surprised as those in the neighborhood,” Foster said. “We have questions about the zoning, and we have questions about the notification – who was notified and how did it work? Especially since the facility joins the Town of Cortlandt and whether residents were given notification as well as the town.”

Acting City Manager Brian Havranek said the company looking to build the clinic, the Elmsford-based Renaissance Project Inc., did not notify those living nearby in Cortlandt of the public hearing for the clinic, so the approval was void.

“All adjoining properties within 250 feet must receive a letter of notification,” Havranek said.

Council member Marybeth McGowan urged residents to contact county officials about their concerns, since the clinic is being created by the state and county.

Calls to Renaissance Project for comment were not immediately returned.

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Comments (10)


Peekskill has gone to pot, pot holes, and now Methadone what a great city to live in. Medical Billing Coding Certifications


They should put the clinic in Verplanc.anabolic steroids


We must protect the kids from seeing these doped up people, they are all soldiers in satins army. We must keep our city pure.


Hey Fly on the Wall, this is not the first time you verbally attacked the residents of Verplanck in one of your comments. I'm proud to be from Verplanck. I am an Ex-Chief of the Verplanck Fire Department and a 15 year employee of the Town of Cortlandt. I take pride in my town and stand up for my fellow "Pointers" whenever I can. While I respect your right to have an opinion, perhaps you should keep your more hurtful and unfounded ones to yourself. Also, if you're so clever and outspoken on the harms supposedly coming from my town, why not contribute to your community and be a positive resident?
Or you could just continue to hide behind some fake username on a local forum and run your mouth.
Joe Curry
Verplanck Resisdent

They should put the clinic in Verplanc.bodybuilding


Sad to say but a Methadone clinic is already at Hudson Valley Hospital Center. We all live with drugs all around us everyday of the week and heroine seems to be coming a drug of choice again. There have been several arrests regarding heroine in the news lately in Peekskill. If you want to solve the drug problem you have to have a place to cure the problem. We have adults and some youth who require these services. I know we are all in denial about the drug use that surrounds each and every community in Westchester County.

Fly on the Wall:

They should put the clinic in Verplanck. After all, everybody knows that's where all the heroin is!


Peekskill has gone to pot, pot holes, and now Methadone what a great city to live in.

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