New York Times Endorses Becker In Democratic Primary

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Richard Becker received the endorsement of The New York Times in his Democratic primary bid.
Richard Becker received the endorsement of The New York Times in his Democratic primary bid. Photo Credit: Katherine Pacchiana

CORTLANDT, N.Y. - Town Council member Richard Becker has received the endorsement of The New York Times in his bid for the Democratic nomination to represent the 18th Congressional District against incumbent Republican Nan Hayworth of Mt. Kisco.

The Times endorsed Becker over the man they see as his main competition, Sean Patrick Maloney of Beacon:

"Mr. Maloney has sound ideas and an endorsement from President Clinton for whom he worked as a White House aide. We are concerned about his work with former Gov. Eliot Spitzer. During an investigation of “Troopergate,” he appeared to be most interested in holding back the staff’s personal e-mails from investigators. We endorse Richard Becker."

Becker has been a Town Council member in Cortlandt since 2007. A practicing cardiologist, he worked at Hudson Valley Hospital Center as chief of medicine, president of medical staff and chairperson of the medical board.

In 2005, Becker founded Hospital Medicine Associates, a private practice that provides inpatient care for hospitalized persons and handles admissions and consultative services for Hudson Valley Hospital. Becker sold the practice but continues to treat patients in the area as a cardiologist.

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Comments (11)

I have been working hard on Dr. Becker's campaign because I feel the most pressing issue we are facing as a society is healthcare, which is directly linked to jobs and the deficit. If our representative were medical doctor and neighbor who understands the needs of the community, has started businesses that have grown and employed people right here in the Hudson Valley and has served in elected office, we would all be better off. Dr. Becker knows the healthcare problem inside and out and could contribute to the debate with the true insights of a compassionate human being.

In addition, he is deeply disturbed by the ongoing Republican attacks on women's health issues and wants to make sure we don't roll back progress. Before and during his service on Cortland's town board, he is also extremely involved with protecting our precious Hudson Valley environment. During his campaign he has met with people neglected by the government regarding their serious environmental concerns and pledged to help address their problems.

As I talk to neighbors about Dr. Becker's campaign the reaction has been phenomenal. They are happy that he has reached out to people whose communities have been ignored by our current representative in Congress. I have also run into people that knew him as a doctor either as a patient or colleague and they enthusiastically believe he would provide great service to us if he were elected. That's why on June 26, I am supporting Dr. Richard Becker. I am happy to support him because it will lead toward a more responsive government for us all.

Indeed, great choice by the Times. As the editorial notes, Sean Maloney's government experience is only as a political appointee, while Rich Becker has legislative experience as a locally-elected official. So his public sector experience, combined with his private sector/medical career and progressive outlook makes him well-qualified to replace current Tea Party Representative Nan Hayworth..

There is no better candidate to beat the Hayworth Machine in November than Richard Becker. Dr. Becker's proven track record in the Hudson Valley in helping people as a doctor, town councilman, employer and citizen is exemplary. Whenever he has identified a problem he has been quick to act, build consensus and find a resolution. He will be a powerful voice in Congress, helping District 18 and the nation to get back on the path to prosperity for the Middle Class. I can already hear the bell tolling for Congresswoman Hayworth's Congressional career!

New York Times and Washington Post have been the mouthpiece of the left for at least a generation. To use either newspapers as an unbiased source of information is absurd. If I follow the party line on bashing and demonizing wealth and success than I guess the good Dr. Becker sold his practice for a loss. How dare he make money off his constituency. That would be so anti-Democrat to turn a profit.

That's great news! My family and I will be supporting Dr. Becker because we need a congressman that knows our home town!

Rich Becker deserves this endorsement and he clearly deserves to replace the Wall Street lackey Nan Hayworth. Hayworth not only voted to water down Wall Street rules soon after the Wall Street-induced crash of 2008, but the tax plan that she voted for (the Ryan Plan) would actually INCREASE TAXES on the middle class!

Sadly, it is true: a vote for Nan Hayworth is a vote to INCREASE your own taxes!

Here is an article about that in the Washington Post:

Middle class could face higher taxes under Republican plan, analysis finds
June 19, 2012

The tax reform plan that House Republicans have advanced would sharply cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and could leave middle-class households facing much larger tax bills, according to a new analysis set to be released Wednesday.


The net result: Married couples in that income range would pay an additional $2,700 annually to the Internal Revenue Service


“Even with eliminating fairly major tax preferences, the Ryan tax plan remains regressive. That’s the bottom line,” he said. “Unless you go after the tax preferences that benefit the wealthy” — capital gains, dividends, tax-free interest on municipal bonds — “it’s really hard to undo the regressivity of the rate changes. You’ll be shifting the burden of the tax code toward the middle class.”

I live out of state currently but I was born and raised only a couple of miles from the Elephant Hotel. I still have family in Somers. Simply put, Wall Street does not need more representation in the 19th district of New York!!!! My middle class family and every middle class family in Somers needs relief from the draconian, regressive, anti-middle class policies of the radical right wing.

Vote for Rich Becker and vote for President Obama in November!

This is outstanding news! Dr. Becker has such a history of public service and accomplishment behind him that he'll be a wonderful breath of fresh air to the district. As an environmentalist, a job creator, and serial problem solver, he has shown time and time again an ability to get it done for our community.

And, CortlandtLiving, you're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Dr. Becker wasn't appointed by anyone to the Town Board other than voters. Which is more accurately described as "being elected". And that was over 5 years ago. Anyone paying close attention to Town politics would know.

With the endorsement by the New York Times that will make me definitely NOT vote for him. The only thing you should use the new York times for is the bottom of a bird cage and for potty training a dog. The paper is no longer a reliable reporter of the facts.

So happy to hear this! Excellent choice by the New York Times. Dr. Becker will make a fantastic Representative. I've worked with him a bunch over the years and I am ready to vote on June 26 for Becker! Congrats!

I have to disagree. Anyone paying close attention to Town politics knows that Mr. Becker merely used his appointment as councilman as a stepping stone for a bigger run, and did not care about the community at all. Self-serving, like most politicians.

The NY Times made a great choice in endorsing Becker. His commitment to his constituency since being re-elected as councilman has been undoubtedly consistent. Ask those on the town board (all of whom endorsed him) about his job performance. This is "The Man" for the job!