Location For 'Small, Intimate' Obama Westchester Fundraiser Is A Mystery

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President Barack Obama will be in Westchester on Friday.
President Barack Obama will be in Westchester on Friday. Photo Credit: White House via YouTube

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Arguably the most powerful man on the planet will touch down in Westchester on Friday, as President Barack Obama plans to attend a pair of Westchester County fundraisers, including one in New Rochelle on Friday, to kick off his Labor Day Weekend.

Obama’s trip to Westchester will be a brief one. He is scheduled to land at Westchester County Airport.

He'll attend a holiday barbecue at Wall Street maven Robert Wolf’s swanky Purchase estate, and a more intimate fundraiser in New Rochelle featuring a roundtable event for approximately two-dozen people.

When he’s finished in Westchester, Obama has also scheduled a third fundraiser on Friday in Rhode Island as part of his Labor Day barbecue fundraising initiative. Those in attendance at the fundraisers are expected to donate as much as $32,400 – the legal limit – to the Democratic National Convention.

Although New Rochelle police are playing coy about the timing and plans for the president, “no parking” restrictions have been announced for the bulk of the day on Friday near Main Street and Boston Post Road.

Though his destination remains a mystery, there has been speculation in the media that the Obamas may also be house hunting in the area as his second and final term ticks closer to conclusion.

Traffic is expected to flow relatively normally, though wherever the president’s motorcade travels will be closed off to the public as a safety precaution.

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson could not be reached for comment on Obama’s visit on Wednesday.

Sanju Kanam, a New Rochelle business owner on North Avenue, said that he was excited for the president to visit his city, but was anxious that his visit may disrupt business on Friday.

“It’s exciting when someone well known comes to the area, there’s a certain buzz that comes with it,” he said. “Hopefully it won’t be long, and hopefully it won’t affect business too much if they have to close down streets.” 

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Comments (20)

A montage:

Kiev: Russian troops enter Ukraine

Baghdad: Mosul under control of ISIL

Damascus: Beheadings are an everyday occurrence in Syria (UN)

Gaza: Hamas declares victory with cease fire

New Rochelle: Mr. Obama is house hunting and fund raising for the DNC in Westchester

Enough said (and unsaid).

I suppose George Bush Was better? or John McCain, SARAH PALIN would be doing a better job running the country. or perhaps... Romney. Haha. What a joke. you guys come up with a better candidate or just shut up

What kind of a man is GBurgh Dad? Just embarrassing. Find a better candidate? Hahahahahaha. Every candidate who has ever run for president in both parties probably could've done a better job than this empty suit. Obama is the least qualified person to ever vie for ANY executive job at any level of government in the history of this country. That he was elected twice tells you all you need to know about the state of the nation and the electorate. He is the most amazing con artist the world has ever known. Some of us were smart enough to warn against his coronation.. Not enough people listened. Nice job, America.

Remember during the 2012 debates, when Romney said Russia is our enemy? And Barack Obama said "No, Russia is our friend. Russia is a friend to the entire world and doesn't mean harm to anybody"? How quickly the Obama supporters forget!

Romney was right with all of his predictions. Obama is a traitor to our country! Look at the scandals,i.e., Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, Etc. Take a look at disastrous Obama Care, open borders, ISIS, and Jihadist camps here now! He is not an American and he knows exactly what he is doing. It is all part of his plan.

Romney was right with all of his predictions. Obama is a traitor to our country! Look at the scandals,i.e., Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, Etc. Take a look at disastrous Obama Care, open borders, ISIS, and Jihadist camps here now! He is not an American and he knows exactly what he is doing. It is all part of his plan.

"Please donate to these fine Democratic Congressional and Senate candidates, who will do their very best to ensure that HUD continues to screw over your wonderful county".

I respectfully disagree with you all President Obama has done many good things for this country which everyone seems to forget. For instance. Bin laden is dead.

Frankie you fail to realize that the death of Bin Laden has just spawned the growth of ISIS/ISIL because of Obama's failed foreign policies

Barack Obama, First Black President (as he demands to be addressed), is the most feckless President in recent decades. He is second to Jimmy Carter, who was the worst, but has been replaced by Obama.
As for the assasination of bin Laden, it could have/should have been carried out by President Clinton, who didn't want to do it because he was afraid a couple of "innocent bystanders would be killed too". So Clinton let bin Laden walk away, and a few years later, 3000 Americans were murdered by bin Laden and his faithful followers.
Everything Cornell West has said about Obama, is 100% correct.

ROFLMAO ... he only completed a plan set in place before he was President. He is among the worst in our history ... certainly has weakened our status in the world by being such an indecisive wuss. If you want to blame Congress, then the blame goes to BOTH sides of the aisle. Many good things -- is it April Fools Day?! You've given us the laugh of the day.

i don't see why anybody would give a dime to the Marxist and his cronies. It baffles me.

This is not news. Other than Jimmy Carter, this is the worst President this country has ever seen. It would be best if no one showed up to this or any other fundraiser supporting this ridiculous man! I have voted on both sides of the fence, but never did I vote for this man. Just go away and fade into the dust from wherever you came from!!!

IS is a killing and raping their way through the ME and this jerk is off fundraising? What an utter disgrace. What a complete lowlife.

Hardly the most powerful man on the planet. This inept, feeble, law- breaking and divisive fundraising organizer has diminished the office of President, and has removed the USA as the global leader of liberty.

Thank you!!! I could not agree more!

This man is a disgrace to his office. Other than flying around the country for fund raisers and playing golf, he is a complete and total failure. God help our beloved country!

Amen to that! The funniest thing is that he's allowed to be part of the one-percent and walk among them, but God help the opposition like Romney who is demonized for being rich. Double standard.

NC, you are 100% spot on with your comment. Obama walks with the 1% he supposedly demonizes, yet he is becoming one of them himself. He's in good demonic company (George Soros, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffett and all the others).

Well said John.