Joe Carvin Wins Republican Congressional Primary

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Joe Carvin defeated Jim Russell in Tuesday's Republican primary for the 17th Congressional district, unofficial results said.
Joe Carvin defeated Jim Russell in Tuesday's Republican primary for the 17th Congressional district, unofficial results said. Photo Credit: File

Joe Carvin topped Jim Russell at the polls on Tuesday to win the Republican nomination for the 17th Congressional District, according to unofficial election results from the Rockland and Westchester boards of elections. 

The unofficial tallies have Carvin taking home over 64 percent of the vote in Rockland County and 62 percent in Westchester. Carvin will now go up against longtime Rep. Nita Lowey (D-Harrison) in the November Congressional election.

"I feel great and I feel like we've made the first step towards a long journey," Carvin said. "The country is divided and we need to bring the country together. Let's start right here in the 17th District."

Carvin, a native of Port Chester, currently serves as Rye Town Supervisor and works professionally as a hedge fund manager at Altima Partners. Carvin has served as the Supervisor of Rye Town since 2007 and won the endorsement of many Republican leaders including former state Gov. George Pataki and Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-Mt. Kisco).

Carvin thanked Lowey for her service and said that he plans on "intensifying" the race by challenging Lowey to six debates, three in Westchester and three in Rockland.

"I think the issues are increasingly complex and ultimately I'd like to have an exchange of ideas," Carvin said.

Russell, a Hawthorne resident, ran against Lowey in what was previously the 18th Congressional District in 2010. Professionally, Russell worked at AT&T for more than two decades as a computer programmer.

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Comments (3)

follow the money, that's all it's about, forget dignity, pride or morals. this guy will lose, no doubt, but it doesn't matter, things are so corrupt around here, people are clueless.

So once again, a democrat who changed to republican, whose wife participated in two Obama fund raisers, has a million dollars for his campaign, is the best candidate? Wow. Doug heard he had a million dollars and that's all she wrote. Even Russell looks more like a solid republican than Carvin and certainly has a handle on what Lowey has (or has not) done. Its time to find some conservative republicans and get Doug out of there!

Way to go Joe! You worked hard to get here, keep up the good work!
I hink you need to push the fact that this area pays some of the highest taxes in the country, and gets very little in return.
Their is a bridge in Rye that was wiped out in a storm 4 years ago, and today is just a big pile of weeds!
Purchase St. in Purchase from the airport to Westchester Ave. is traveled by hundreds of bicyclists every weekend, but they can't keep to the right because of all the huge potholes. How about a bike lane and corrected drainage over the 2 mile stratch?
Lowey has been in there WAY too long...