Cortlandt Town Board Approves New Hiring Policy

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From left, Cortlandt Town Board member John Sloan, Supervisor Linda Puglisi and Town Attorney Tom Wood discuss the new hiring policy. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

CORTLANDT, N.Y. — The Cortlandt Town Board approved a new hiring policy Tuesday in anticipation of possibly lifting a four-year hiring freeze.

Under the new hiring policy, the Town Board "strongly prefers not to hire the immediate relatives of existing town employees so as to prevent the conflict wherein an employee may be in the same department or under the supervision of an immediate family member." 

Immediate family member refers to spouses, children and siblings, according to town officials. 

The town already has a policy that bars spouses, children and siblings from supervising each another.

The policy also lists preferential hiring. The rown prefers to hire, in this order, "the most highly qualified" employees, including experienced and educated workers, town residents, veterans with appropriate skills and, finally, residents of adjacent towns.

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