Cortlandt To Propose Public-Private Indoor Ice Skating Rink

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Supervisor Linda Puglisi is suggesting that the Cortlandt Town Board approve a request for proposals on a public-private indoor ice skating rink at the current site of a street hockey rink.
Supervisor Linda Puglisi is suggesting that the Cortlandt Town Board approve a request for proposals on a public-private indoor ice skating rink at the current site of a street hockey rink. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

CORTLANDT, N.Y. — Cortlandt town officials are proposing an indoor ice skating rink to be built on the site of an underused outdoor street hockey rink near the Cortlandt Youth Center.


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That site could be revamped, Supervisor Linda Puglisi said. Puglisi is hoping the town's approval for a request for proposal will spur a "public-private project."

The town could supply the land to develop an indoor ice skating rink, but in turn rink owners would be required to allow the school and town to use the rink, she said. 

The Cortlandt Youth Center is at 3 Memorial Drive, adjacent to Cortlandt's New York State Police barracks and at the southern entrance to the Cortlandt Metro-North railroad station.

"Let’s see what we can get," Puglisi said of the RFP at a Monday evening work session. Cortlandt Town Engineer Ed Vergano estimated the cost of enclosing an indoor ice skating rink at $750,000 to $1 million. Town officials said they felt uncomfortable using taxpayer money for such a project. That estimate did not include equipment and personnel necessary to maintain the rink.

The outdoor hockey rink was developed about 10 years ago, at a cost of about $250,000 to the town, Puglisi said. At the height of the rink's popularity,14 teams used the space, she said.

"Now, we don't have any," she said. No teams have used the outdoor hockey rink for two to three years. "There's not a lot of interest in it at this stage in history."

The seasonal outdoor ice skating rink at Bear Mountain Park, across the Bear Mountain Bridge, was not mentioned during the discussion. 

The nearest indoor skating rinks are the Westchester Skating Academy in Elmsford and the Evarts Rink at the Harvey School in Katonah. 

The next meeting where officials could take legislative action is Tuesday, Feb. 12. The agenda for the meeting has not been finalized, and it was unclear whether the item will appear on the agenda for a vote. 

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Comments (10)

fedupinny-You should get your facts straight.The cortlandt roller dome was on the property where premier is now.You must be an implant . the rink was where the basketball court and swimming pool is now and back in the 80's it was also owned by Val Santucci.I have my facts right because my sons loved it there.Don't correct someone un less you know what you are talking about.

There was no roller skating rink ever on the premier site. The owner of Premier, Val Santucci was trying to build a private ice hockey rink on the corner of Watch Hill Road and Albany Post road but the residents around it pushed back and said no that it wasn't the proper location. The unused roller skating rink is a prime location. I have no problems with turning it over to a private firm to build given I do agree there are other priorities for the town. That however doesn't take away from the idea that an ice hockey rink in the area isn't a bad idea and would be used as all the school teams, and anyone else that wishes to skate today has to either go down to Elmsford, Bear Mountain or Brewster.

You are so right "thetruthhurts"Years ago they had a roller skating rink on the premier site,that was good for a time but like everything else it went like the juke box.The youth today couldn't take their thumbs off texting long enough to skate.

Would love to see a rink there - we grew up in a town where the local private prep school funded the rink yet it was the home to all the local teams, various skating lessons, concession area, and public skating for a reasonable fee three nights and one late morning each week - it was a great boon for the skating and hockey lovers, and a wonderful social hub for teenagers and adults on the skating nights. A local family oriented place like that would be great around here, as well as provide tax revenue and a handful of jobs (not to mention drawing the indirect business of folks coming to skate also deciding to dine out while they're here along 9A), etc...

How about a premier softball field for girls little league softball program? With concession stand and proper Maintance. Something that will represent Cortlandt girls softball above all the neighboring towns that have a lot nicer fields than we do. The boys have great fields on both sides of town and the girls from Cortlandt have no place to call home.

The present rink is an example of a fad that everyone wanted and now the facility lays dormant costing taxpayers money to maintain it. If the town wants to participate in a rink then sell the present rink to a developer at full market value and let him take the risk, spend his money and the town reap the full tax benefit from it. Certainly, the over spending Hendrick Hudson School district needs the extra tax revenue. Giving valuable land to developers is not the correct way to use town property. We need miles and miles of road improvements, not ice skating rinks.

didnt val santucci propose the same thing a few years ago? it was gonna be at watch hill rd and albany post rd with an exist off rt9.

I love the idea should have been done initially instead of the roller hockey rink.

Before we spend money on building a new structure, hows about we spend tax dollars to fix infrastructure. The roads in Montrose are in total disrepair. Meadow Rd is constantly under water. I support Mrs. Pugliese 100%, but in this case, not at all....