Bill Clinton Robocalls Support Maloney For Congress

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Sean Patrick Maloney, now a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 18th Congressional District, with then-President Bill Clinton in the White House.
Sean Patrick Maloney, now a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 18th Congressional District, with then-President Bill Clinton in the White House. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sean Patrick Maloney

CORTLANDT, N.Y. – Former President Bill Clinton has endorsed Sean Patrick Maloney as the Democratic candidate for New York's 18th Congressional District. The crowded Democratic primary race is hurtling toward the finish line, as endorsements pile up for four candidates hoping to oust freshman Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-Mount Kisco).

“Hello, this is President Bill Clinton. I’m calling to tell you why I endorse Sean Patrick Maloney for Congress in the June 26th Democratic primary," the former president says in a recording he made for the candidate.

Representatives of Maloney's campaign said the recording went out via automated phone calls Tuesday evening, and they were targeting all Democratic primary voters in the 18th Congressional District.

In the recording, Clinton says, "Sean worked closely with me in the White House. I know how much he knows about our economy, how much he cares, what his values are, what his talents are. And I know he’ll be an outstanding member of Congress. He was part of our team that created jobs, grew our economy and balanced the budget. I think he’s the best candidate in the race to take on the Tea Party and put people back to work. So I hope you’ll vote for Sean on Tuesday June 26th. Thanks."

The campaign's announcement of the recording comes five days after The New York Times endorsed Dr. Richard Becker, a Cortlandt cardiologist and Town Board member. The Times cited Maloney's behavior during Gov. Eliot Spitzer's "Troopergate," for not endorsing him. In Becker's endorsement The Times said Maloney "appeared to be most interested in holding back the staff’s personal e-mails from investigators."

Maloney reported raising $530,715 in the June 6 Federal Election Commission filings. Becker reported raising $403,771 in the same period.

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Comments (8)

Igwriter you should check your facts, the vast majority of all that evil Wall St. money went to candidate Obama in the last election. As for the deregulation of the banks it was President Clinton who signed the law abolishing the Glass-Steagal Act. Is your screen name short for ignorant writer?

Democrats are not perfect. But the wild west deregulation of the Reagan/Bush and Bush II years contributed. Yes, Clinton repealed Glass Steagal with lots of help from Congress. It clearly hurt the middle class and needs to be reinstated. Bipartisan proposals to do so have come up and have not been voted on. Why? The vast corruption by corporations. One thing the Republicans always do is support corporate interests, vehemently, at the expense of workers and American jobs. We need legislation to get the money out of campaigning so we can take back our government. I don't think any Republican is going to step forward to put that proposal.

When I say businesses, I am not talking about the guy that owns the barber shop down the road. I am talking about Exxon, Halliburton, Raytheon, the 7 major insurance companies that control all healthcare in the country, big Pharma. Politicians need to be vetted, surely, we can agree on that. But the philosophy between Democrats and Republicans is so clearly different, and from where I sit, in the cheap seats, I will take my chances with Democrats at the polls.

By the way, if you want to debate, that's fine. That's American and important to Democracy. But I did not insult you personally and say you were ignorant. All I said was, be careful that you are not voting against your own economic interests. After all, how will you be hurt if they tax billionaires to help people who are out of work through no fault of their own with food stamps and healthcare? Someone you personally know might be helped. Are you Warren Buffett? Even he wants to pay taxes to improve the wide inequality gap that has been developing for over 40 years since Reagan.

Dr Becker should stick to what he does best, doctoring! I'm glad that Citizen Jeanne has brought us her mind reading skills to the forum. She seems to know what is in Mr Maloney's mind, doesn't she? As far as the election, we certainly DON'T need any more Democrats in congress. Has anybody seen the latest predictions on the economy? Over the past 3 1/2 years the economy has been going into the dumper. The president and the Democrats have NO solutions except a failed stimulus policy, cash for clunkers, and the "wonderful " Obama health care bill and not to mention all those FAILED green energy projects. They haven't a clue on how the free enterprise system works.
We need a change in not only Washington but also in state and local government. Higher taxes and more restrictions on business's do NOT work. Sens a message in November, we want lower taxes and more REAL jobs that actually add to the GDP.

The Republicans are the ones who dug the hole. The Democrats have actually stopped digging. Bush gave us two unfunded wars and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Unless you are a personally a billionaire, you receive no benefit from the failed trickle down policies and deregulation of the banks that Reagonomics gave us. However, if you get Medicare, Social Security or have a 40 hour work week, these are benefits that that Democrats implemented.

By the way, I wish actually had a free enterprise system. What we have are a bunch of greedy multinational companies racing us all to the bottom with their endless greed. The Republicans support these corporations with their griping about taxes. The working class takes the "lower tax" bait, then the Republicans switch and give you policies that continue to erode the middle class.

The vast amount of corporate money pouring into Republican candidate's campaigns tells us who they work for...and it is not us.

last i heard becker doesnt show up to vote on issues in cortlandt and there's a story going around saying he lives in orange county. anyone know if this is true or not?

I can tell you that Orange county is fully in our newly redrawn district. We are no longer 19, but Congressional District 18-NY

I too respect Bill Clinton, but Maloney's got a real problem with his involvement in the Troopergate scandal (as the Times pointed out). Hayworth's campaign will crush him on this and a few other nasty items. Becker's a better choice and he's proven he can beat Hayworth already by forcing her to fire her sexist campaign spokesperson Jay Townsend a couple weeks ago.

Although I have every respect for President Clinton, I had never heard of Mr. Maloney prior to a few weeks ago. Dr. Becker, on the other hand, is well known in the Hudson Valley for his achievements as a physician and town councilman. Dr. Becker has lived in and served our area for decades, while Mr. Maloney apparently has lived in New York City and Sullivan County and has had nothing to do with District 18 until he decided to run for office here. Dr. Becker has held elective office, unseating a long-intrenched Republican, while Mr. Maloney has not. Dr. Becker has a track record in our local communities that Mr. Maloney cannot match. It appears to me, then, that while Dr. Becker is interested in going to Washington to further the interests of the citizens of NY-District 18, Mr. Maloney's plan is to go to Washington to further Mr. Maloney's interests. This time around, at least, Mr. Clinton has got it wrong and the New York Times has got it right. Richard Becker is the only candidate who can defeat Nan Hayworth in November, and the best person to represent District 18 in Congress.