Two Verplanck Men Face Misdemeanor Drug Charges

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Andrew Pardee, 18, of Verplanck was charged with misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance. New York State Police said he was in possession of heroin. Photo Credit: New York State Police
Edward Van Tassel, 20, of Verplanck was reported by state police to be in possession of cocaine. Van Tassel was charged with misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of a hypodermic instrument. Photo Credit: New York State Police

CORTLANDT, N.Y. – Two Verplanck men are facing misdemeanor drug charges accusing them of possessing cocaine and heroin, the New York State Police said.

Andrew Pardee, 18, was charged with misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance, which the state police said was heroin.

In the same report, Edward Van Tassel, 20, was accused of possessing cocaine. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of a hypodermic instrument. Both were arrested at 2:30 p.m. Jan. 3 on Louisa Street in Peekskill.

The following items also were reported by the New York State Police:

DWI: Zachary Nichols, 21, of Cortlandt Manor was charged with misdemeanor driving while intoxicated and misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent. He was arrested just after 3 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 6, at Montrose Station Road and Washington Street.

Marijuana Possession: Kimberly Hunter, 27, of Yorktown was charged with misdemeanor criminal possession of marijuana and misdemeanor aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. She was stopped at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, on the Bear Mount Parkway in Cortlandt.

Petty Larceny: John C. Chiapetta, 24, of North Salem was charged with misdemeanor petty larceny. He was arrested at 4:25 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 9, on Riverview Avenue in Verplanck.

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Comments (10)

Sonya Vandermade:

So, let me get this straight. These kids' lives have been ruined for possessing drugs? Cocaine? One girl, Kimberly, now has a CRIMINAL RECORD for marijuana? Are you kidding? You know President Bush & President Obama both did coke right? Obama even admitted it with his "little bit of blow" comment. And they both sure as hell have smoked weed, because, you know, EVERYONE has smoked weed. (Obviously this is hyperbole. Not everyone walking the planet has smoked weed. What I'm trying to say in that exaggerated statement is that recreational marijuana use is pretty darn common.)

Do none of you realize how insane this all is? From now on when you google their names this article will come up & it will hinder their chances of getting any job, let alone a decent one. Do any of you really want MORE kids to be crucified for doing what they want with they're bodies? Let's say these kids are indeed evil drug addicts, that means they are sick. You don't help sick people by throwing them in jail or vilifying them in this manner.

Drop the holier than thou BS. If we have a right to anything it should be our own bodies.




Sonya you have to be kidding me right? So when they are then trying to sell it to your kids or mine then what? We have a heroin epidemic that is invading this many kids in Putnam/Westchester have to die. It's illegal so sorry I don't agree with you that they have a right to do anything with their bodies and when they get behind the wheel of a car and kill someone you know what will be your response then. It is not insane, they are making choices to use illegal drugs and you take the risk and pay the consequences for that behavior.

Sonya Vandermade:

Selling heroin and doing heroin are two COMPLETELY different things.
I don't think someone should go to jail for doing heroin. People who sell heroin, however, should be locked up. Heroin is a destructive drug. You never hear a good heroin story, that's because it's never happened.
Just because I think people should be allowed to do heroin doesn't mean I think EVERYONE should do heroin. I also think gays should be allowed to get married, that doesn't mean I want everyone to start taking it up the wazoo.

In the above article it never states that the kid caught with heroin was driving. The only mention of driving while intoxicated is Zachary Nichols, who was of age & intoxicated with, the perfectly legal drug, alcohol.
To me, driving while drunk is a million times worse than DOING heroin. Also it's much more likely for someone to drink and drive then to do heroin and drive. Who drives on heroin? I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but when people do heroin they don't usually wanna drive, they just wanna nod off in some strangers room. When you drink & get behind the wheel you're not only putting your life in danger but the lives of everyone else on that road. Because you like to misconstrue what people say let me make it clear in one soundbite.

Driving while intoxicated is dangerous and rightfully against the law, no matter if it's booze, heroin, or freakin nyquil.
When you make a choice to get behind the wheel while intoxicated and someone dies as a result of this choice, you are now just as bad as any murderer to me.

We already have laws in order to deal with driving while intoxicated. Drunk driving is responsible for way more deaths than marijuana. By your own logic alcohol should be illegal. I could understand the law if only the completely destructive drugs like heroin and cocaine were illegal, but drugs like marijuana being illegal is indeeed INSANE!

If we have a heroin epidemic, like you say, throwing the kids who do the heroin in jail is not the way to go. Rehab programs would be a much better idea. If you're so worried about the well being of these kids you wouldn't want them locked up for being stupid. The law isn't the end all be all. At one point in America it was illegal to help slaves escape because you were stealing another man's property. Stop being so dumb & open your eyes.
As adults we should be allowed to do whatever drugs we want as long as we're not physically harming anyone else. This is the truth. I am right & will be proven right in time. Medical marijuana is already legal in 18 different states. Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado & Washington. Bring on whatever lame argument you have & I will make you look stupid yet again, you backwards thinking clown.


By the way, your responses are rude. You may not agree with someone else's opinion just as I didn't agree with yours but no one called you a fool or lame. You can agree or not agree and you can argue your points but taking it to the level of being rude and obnoxious is and wasn't necessary. People do have a right to voice their opinions and I respect that but when they overstep the line with the comments you ended with they show a total lack of class and respect for anyone's opinion that differs from theirs.


It's because of people like you that we have the issues we do in this country. Doing heroin is illegal. Many people who do drugs wind up committing crimes to get money to continue doing those drugs. We cannot nor should not placate these people. They know it is illegal and you pay the consequences of your actions is caught. No one is suggesting that they should automatically go to jail for doing such and I doubt that is what happens. However, who do you think is paying for their rehab? We the taxpayers and to be honest I'm getting pretty tired of having to pay for everything for people who are not responsible. I love it that you think you are right...go move to Colorado where marijuana is legal just wait and see what happens in that state over the next few years. Your are a fool and you will never make me look like a fool as you are only showing how ignorant and stupid you are.


They made the choice to take drugs. They made the choice to drive without a license.

I made the choice to never do that - even when every single friend of mine was. Does that make me better than them? No. But it makes me employable. I can't feel sorry for adults who CHOSE to partake in these activities.

Sonya Vandermade:

Not employing someone because they've smoked marijuana is ridiculous. That's that.


The Town of Cortlandt has a coalition to help prevent things such as this from happening within the town. They have been trying to garner support from community members however it seems to be more difficult as time goes on. It's a shame articles like this continue to pop up and few bat an eyelash. Perhaps if people were more willing to admit there was a problem and the constituents came together to support their efforts and pitch in when needed this problem could be on its way to being fixed and less of today's youth would fall into these traps.


our concentration needs to be on prevention and treatment for this young population- this area is SATURATED with opiates and we are going to continue seeing our children being in the legal system, and unfortunately our visits may be to their funeral- Communities have come together and do whatever we can to help our young people.

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