State Police Charge Three In Yorktown DWI Detail

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State Police arrested three individuals during a DWI detail in Yorktown on Saturday.
State Police arrested three individuals during a DWI detail in Yorktown on Saturday. Photo Credit: New York State Police

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. -- New York State Police made three arrests during a driving while intoxicated enforcement detail in Yorktown on Saturday, June 21, police officials said. 

Christopher Dellarocca, 51, of Garnerville; George Taylor, 73, of Yorktown Heights; and Jan Myslinski, 60, of Shrub Oak were all charged with driving while intoxicated and are scheduled to appear in Yorktown Court in July, State Police said. 

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Mea culpa. Thanks Watcher for setting me straight. I don't know but I wish I see more of a police presence when the high school students are let out of school, during rush hour and on the weekend when I see people run red lights, run stop signs, speed, and, pass cars over a double yellow line. Chief McMahon if you are reading this, my apologies to you and your officers. However, please do something about some of the things I've mentioned. I'm just trying to live here.

It took me two minutes to find three DWI arrests this month in Yorktown on the department's own website:

Why is it that the state police can get three people on DWI on an enforcement detail in Yorktown in one day when the Yorktown police force can't do the same in an entire month? Why is it that so many people run red lights, stop signs and speed through Yorktown and the police force either turn their heads, continue texting, talking on their cell phones or sleeping at some pull off? Watching the Yorktown police department is like watching reruns of Hogan's Heroes and hearing Sergeant Schultz say "I see nothing!" It's no wonder so many scofflaws live in Yorktown. Honest hard working people don't stand a chance living in this town with the type of law enforcement we rely on. Do us all a favor. Do away with the Yorktown police force. Take out stop signs, red lights and speed limits. Let the state police patrol Yorktown. Maybe then we'll stand a better chance of living!