Phony WCC Professor Sentenced For Student Assaults

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Lawrence J. Bottone was sentenced to 10 years in prison Wednesday on six counts of assault.
Lawrence J. Bottone was sentenced to 10 years in prison Wednesday on six counts of assault. Photo Credit: Westchester District Attorney's Office

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - A Norwalk, Conn., man was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in prison for six counts of assaulting students while posing as a professor at Westchester Community College and the University of Bridgeport, Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced.

Lawrence Bottone was known as an international security specialist named “Dr. Hunter” to his young victims, who he lured into joining a training program with promises that they would get high-paying jobs if they completed it.

The victims had to sign a multi-page contract and give their oath of silence about the program. Once they did, Bottone physically abused each of them on the WCC campus, whipping and beating some while they were naked and covered with vegetable oil. Bottone’s method’s also included inserting pins into his victims’ bodies and even a scalpel under the fingernails.

One victim reported Bottone in May 2010, at which point the Westchester County Police Department and district attorney’s office began an investigation. It uncovered documents related to the crimes and a duffel bag with a scalpel, needles, rope, strapping tape, vegetable oil and dental instruments, among other items.

Bottone admitted to whipping two victims with ropes, placing pins underneath another victim’s fingernails, removing another victim’s fingernail with a cuticle cutter and inserting a scalpel underneath the fingernail of another.

He pleaded guilty in May to six counts of assault. He was sentenced as a second felony offender, since he previously was convicted of assault in 1997 in Connecticut.

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Comments (12)

Mr. Bottone had all his trainee's sign a detailed contract.For all we know he worked with our goverment in this "under cover" operation.There are hundreds if not thousands of Bottone's out there. A sadistic pervert with a plan to enlist as many victims possible in places like community colleges,where students of lower intelegence,are abundant,and easy to pick out,is a very dangerous thing.

This man is a SICK F*CK!!!!! If he EVER harmed any of my loved ones, he wouldn't have to worry about jail because he'd be dead!!!!!!

My algebra teacher going back to the mid 1980s. He has been at this for decades now and it continues. Something very wrong with our system that he is still able to do this. Sicker than sick.

This post was upsetting enough to read (how horrible!), but was incredulous to read that he had done this before!! Crazy. I hope the prosecutors really throw the book at him.

I agree with you 100% Old Timer. When he gets out we have a bigger problem on our hands. "Mr. Hunter" he sure did hunt!! I don't even think he could be rehabilitated at this stage in the game.

Is he a Republican ?????I bet he is

Why would you say that? What an incredibly ignorant thought to post.

Sounds like a republican to me.

I mean, I'm not going to get into it with you on a message board because that's a waste of time, I just want to be clear; you believe this sadistic man who tortured people must be a Republican based on those facts alone?

The Norwalk cases should have put him away long enough to prevent the NY cases. His guilty plea this time probably was conditioned on a relatively shortened sentence. There has to be something drastically wrong with a guy who gets pleasure out of hurting people. Next time will probably be worse. maybe much worse.

I am appalled! I can't believe he was able to get away with this TWICE!
It's crazy because Mr. Bottone was my 7th grade science teacher. My FAVORITE teacher by far. We found out soon after middle school what he was really up to. What a crying shame.

The same disturbing fact pattern occurred in Norwalk when Bottone led an afterschool youth program named SPARC as part of NEON.