Croton Driver Charged With New Year's DWI

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Suzanne Welch, 50, was charged with DWI in Peekskill on New Year's Day.
Suzanne Welch, 50, was charged with DWI in Peekskill on New Year's Day. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Peekskill Police Department

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. – A driver stopped her car in the middle of North Division Street in the early hours of New Year’s Day, blocking traffic until the Peekskill Police were summoned, police said.

Officer Michael Lawrence identified the driver as Suzanne Welch, 50, of Croton-on-Hudson and conducted some field sobriety tests, police said.

Welch was taken to Cortlandt State Police Barracks, where police said her blood alcohol level was tested and proved to be above the legal limit of 0.08 percent BAC. She was processed for DWI, released, and ordered to return to Peekskill City Court on a date in the near future.

The Peekskill Police also reported the following incident:

On the afternoon of Dec. 31, a witness reported seeing a man taking copper piping from a business location on Washington Street. Officers Kolesar and Carter spoke to a contact, who confirmed the possible identity of the thief.

The following morning, Peekskill resident Greg Fleming, 37, turned himself in at police headquarters. Fleming was charged with petit larceny and released with a return date in the Peekskill City Court. The copper was estimated to be worth about $200.

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Comments (3)

Seems like the Daily Voice has taken lessons from Fox in lowering the bar of how low reporters will go to report the "news". Shame on you....

Oh, Boo friggin' Hoo, Natsol! Who are you, Welch's bartender? Reporting off the police blotter is about as old and time-honored form of local journalism as you can get! We're not here to read about soy futures or floods in Bulgaria -- this and the grammar school lunch schedules is exactly the kind of stuff people click on the local sites to read.

Here's the teachable moment: If you want to keep your name off the police blotters and -- consequently -- your mugshot out of the local news sites, don't drink and drive.

Boy, if that's a picture of someone "focused and positive, and at the top of [her] game" ( I'd hate to see someone who's a chronic drunk! Looks like she could use a little more Yoga and a little less Jaegermeister. ...And do the Peekskill Police really make perps take mug shots in their bathrobes these days? Seems unnecessarily cruel...