Croton Student Reportedly Threatens Another With Knife

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CROTON-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. - Croton Police say a caller reported that a seventh-grade Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School student threatened to "cut" another student with a knife, prompting an investigation by school administration and Croton Police.

Police said the husband of a seventh-grade teacher reported the incident at about 12:40 p.m., Wednesday. Police responded to Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School, but did not locate a knife. 

Both police and Croton-Harmon School District officials said the investigation is ongoing. 

Croton-Harmon schools Superintendent Edward Fuhrman said he expects to spend most of his day examining the details of the alleged incident. 

"I can't say what the outcome of the investigation will be because we're in the middle of it. It's an active investigation from the school's point of view," said Fuhrman.

Fuhrman said school officials searched the student and "other places" following the alleged incident yesterday, and said a knife was never found.

"There's really no security issue here, as far as I'm concerned. Do I think a student smuggled a knife in? I can say definitively, no," said Fuhrman.

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Comments (19)

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A very serious incident, at my school growing up, people would be dealt with severely for such behaviour, threats were always taken seriously. With the manner in which children behave today, it wouldn't surprise me what was to follow.

When we talk about students I am used to hearing about school projects and academic achievements. Unfortunately cases like these also occur, it's sad but they get more and more often. I am starting to believe that the media has a role in this. I read some papers on this writing services resource about it.

To provide confirmation proving a crime has been dedicated, an personage must afford evidence to establish that they had a good cause or lawful ability for carrying a knife if this is the case upon being under arrest.

In response to laurenluv. There were 2 eyewitnesses to the incident. The 2 girls who were threatened. Neither is malicious. Neither tells lies. There was no knife but there was a threat made. The matching accounts is your evidence. Shame on you.

This story should be removed- Its completely inaccurate How dare the Voice post this!!

If you want the real story, "a resident," delve deeper. The "Daily Voice" is reporting the facts: a student was threatened, as the paper's headline says! Whether there was a knife or not, a student threatened another student with a knife and made her think he had one and that he would do harm to her. That's a credible threat. You must not be a parent to think that's not a reason to summon the local police, in the wake of the Newtown tragedy!!!

I can understand the husbands concern if it happened as you believe it did, however I would wish to know if the teacher went to her superiors, if not, why not? Did they sweep it under the rug causing the husband to take action?

To answer both of your very astute questions: Yes and Yes.

Whether or not a knife was located on the student who threatened another student is not the issue! The fact that a student threatened to "cut" another student with a knife is a crime in itself. I wonder what disciplinary consequences occurred following this incident? It seems that security is lax in a school where such an incident can occur, especially following the recent tragedy at Newtown.

I am astonished at all of the comments on this page as well as many others. What parent in their right mind would not be upset if their child was threatened with a knife? In this day and age, anyone who would question the police or the school for taking this "threat" seriously is delusional. If it was my child being threatened, I would want the child involved questioned and suspended, at the very least.
For the school superintendent to comment that "there's no real security issue here," is atrocious!!! How irresponsible to make such a statement. Is he calling the student involved a liar? Is he calling the teacher or their spouse a liar? It's no secret that Croton Schools have an open door policy (that they just changed only because of the Newtown shooting) and that they try to portray their schools as perfect and small town where nothing happens.
Wake up Croton. The same things that happen everywhere else, happen here, too.

I don't see any names mentioned so who is hurt?I think truth has the question right.....If this were not reported you wouldn't be happy with Jessica...because she did report it your still not happy.How do you please some people?

I agree with MrsB: Wake up, Croton!

Why is a 7th grade teachers husband calling the police?

Teachers have very little time or access to a telephone. I am a recently retired teacher who taught in a Westchester County school, and couldn't get to the bathroom let alone a telephone during the school day.

It's a shame that dedicated teachers don't receive the credit for the job they do EVERY day for the youth of this country/world!

When will this country join the ranks of countries that are deemed less "developed" than the US of A and tighten our gun laws??!!

This teacher was afraid. Sounds like she called her husband and he took the initiative to call the police in an effort to protect her.

Does that answer your question, Truth??

Maybe he was worried about her welfare...DAH!!

yes, I too, yet hat is what these local web base news sites do. Reputable? Think again, the damage is done. They have already implicated the child and there is no evidence. shame shame.

on you. The evidence is the 2 eyewitness accounts given by the 2 girls who were threatened. They are not malicious, do not tell lies and are straight arrows. The only evidence missing is the knife. Administration needs to do more, not less. That's probably why a veteran teacher got her husband/police involved rather than risk the usual do-nothing attitude.