Cortlandt Store Picks Up Eighth Underage Alcohol Sales Citation

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Westchester County Police say a Cortlandt convenience store was cited for the eighth time for selling alcohol to a minor.
Westchester County Police say a Cortlandt convenience store was cited for the eighth time for selling alcohol to a minor. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

CORTLANDT, N.Y. – An employee at Cortlandt's Getty Mart was accused of selling alcohol to a person under 21 years old, in the eighth such incident at the Crompond Road convenience store.

The manager of the convenience store was arrested at his home over the weekend, after he sold a 12-pack of beer to an underage girl, police said.

Rajesh Gupta, 47, of Buttonwood Road, Cortlandt, was charged with prohibited sale of an alcoholic beverage and unlawfully dealing with a child, both misdemeanors. Gupta was released on $100 bail and is due July 20 in Cortlandt Town Court.

Police Officers Amy Sullivan and Rob Kelly of the Westchester County Police were conducting alcohol compliance checks in Cortlandt on July 6. Police said the officers sent an underage female into the Getty Mart at 2225 Crompond Road at 12:50 p.m. to try to purchase beer with a driver's license that identified her as less than 21 years old. Police said the female was allowed to purchase a 12-pack of beer and left the store.

The officers also did alcohol compliance checks at 12 other businesses in Cortlandt on July 6, and all of them refused to sell the female beer.

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Comments (3)

Why arent our local state and county police visiting this place daily ?
Why arent our local electred officials writing the NYS Liquor Authority requesting removal of both Lottery and Liquor licenses.
This place also sells cigarettes and illegal drugs to minors - fake marijuana. They also illegally sell signle cigarttes for $2 each to minors. This has been going on for at least 10 years. This place is always cited in the papers as getting caught selling to minors, but nothing gets done.

Its at the corner of Bear Mountain Parkway and 202.
Time for parents to take action in there own hands to shut them down from poisining our teens.

Here is the problem: these citations are done on a local level. The local authorities need to report this information to the state which is not getting done. I'm not even sure if they lose their liquor license. What they lose is their ability to sell ny lottery, which is a HUGE deal. We need the local authorities to report these infractions to the state. Someone should reallynget on that ASAP.

Why does this person still have a Liquor License to sell alcohol if he consistantly sells to minors?