Gateway Chamber: We Oppose Prevailing Wage Bill

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Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Deb Milone. Photo Credit: Art Cusano

Editor's note: The letter below was submitted by Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Deb Milone in opposition to the state's proposed Prevailing Wage for Services bill (A.7472).

The Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce and its Board of Directors strongly oppose the Prevailing Wage for Services bill (A.7472) that would extend the state’s public sector prevailing wage requirements to certain private sector service employees and subject them to increased criminal penalties for violations. 

This legislation, if enacted, would have a detrimental impact on ratepayers and stifle business development. This legislation represents an unwarranted interference by government in the internal decision making of private sector companies.

Now is not the time for this type of legislation. The state’s economy is still fragile and small businesses, who would likely bear the brunt of this legislation in the form of increased utility rates, simply cannot afford another government attempt to interfere in local business development.  For years, we have been working with various utility companies to reduce the costs of energy consumption in our region. This would reverse any cost savings these businesses have been able to achieve.  

This is clearly overreaching legislation to regulate and interfere in private business decisions and will further burden employers, small businesses and consumers.  Let the free enterprise system work and help bring New York State with its economic recovery without these new, unnecessary and burdensome regulations and requirements

For these reasons, the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce is strongly opposed to this legislation.


Deb Milone

Executive Director

Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce 

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Comments (2)

Francis T McVetty:

Like our state government knows how to balance a budget. It seems every time the "government" gets into the private sector, we lose.


More power to you Deb Milone. Less government regulation in our lives allows more private enterprise. To the extent of health and safety, let the market adjust itself without the "help" of those who do not understand what private enterprise is all about. Its time private enterprise stands up and advise those in government who pays their salaries.

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