Cortlandt Letter: Support Bob Castelli For State Senate

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To The Editor:
Two men are in the Republican primary for Greg Ball’s State Senate seat. Bob Castelli: Combat Veteran, retired N.Y. state trooper, Harvard graduate (masters), Homeland Security & Criminal Justice expert, small business owner and former college professor, town councilman and assemblyman; and Terrence Murphy; bar/restaurant owner, chiropractor, town councilman. 

Castelli, with two terms in the Assembly, has a proven voting record on veterans’ issues, ethics reform, cutting taxes, job creation and upholding our Constitutional rights. He’s a firearms instructor, competitive shooter and lifelong member of the NRA. Castelli’s endorsed by the NYSRPA and has an A+ rating from the NRA and SCOPE. Murphy’s endorsed and funded by SKELOS who brought you the (un)SAFE ACT.

Murphy recently joined the NRA and had his picture taken wearing an NRA hat and holding a gun claiming he will uphold the 2nd Amendment. With no pro-2A history and aligned with RINO’s like Skelos and Pataki, I doubt it.

First, Murphy’s camp tried to deny voters the right to choose their candidate in an election by challenging Castelli’s primary petitions. Then they launched a big dollar, deceptive, dishonest smear campaign via robo calls, anonymous mailers and phony facebook pages. Murphy denies involvement, but to me, if you lack the leadership to manage your own campaign people you’re unfit for office. 

Your choice Sept. 9 is between Bob Castelli, a public servant with substance, experience and integrity or Murphy, a politician of questionable ethics indebted to Albany’s elite RINOs. Silence is consent, your vote counts!
Marilyn Miller

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