Buchanan Letter: Disappointed With Election Letter

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To The Editor: 

I was very disappointed with a letter sent to the village residents during the Buchanan village elections in March.

This letter was a letter attacking my grandsons and my son, Tim, a long time village employee. What did they have to do with the village issues? This was NOT necessary.

Everyone in the village knows that Tim, a former chief and still active member of the Buchanan Fire Department, an active member of the Knights of Columbus and a fun-loving family man who has entertained our seniors in area nursing homes is very well-respected in the community.

Proud mother, proud grandmother -- that is what I am. In my opinion, the “hate” letter was promoted by Theresa Knickerbocker and her running mates. It is a shame that this is what politics in the village of Buchanan have become.


Carolyn Donahue

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Comments (2)

How truly sad that some folks in a community of less than 2500 believe that mud slinging and name calling has a place in local politics. Mr. Donahue's impact on the Village of Buchanan cannot be clouded regardless of what might be written in some letter.

First off...where was your letter when your husband was calling people crooks and liars and accusing them of being racist? Where was your letter when your husband was calling Ms. Knickerbocker "incompetent" all over the papers? Where was your letter as he curses out and calls every single elected official filthy, nasty names on a daily basis to whoever can't escape and has to listen? No offense to you, but before you call out others...call out those you live with who set the political "hate" standards in the Village.
I got a copy of the letter you reference. Your son Tim was never mentioned and nobody from your family was called names, or attacked...unlike the way your husband treats other people. And, although your "opinion" is that Ms. Knickerbocker and her running mates promoted the letter, you have no evidence at all to back up that "opinion". Shame on you for allowing Al to dictate what you write and why. Your letter would be more credible if you were married to someone else. Everyone knows all about Al Donahue's tactics...that is why he will NEVER again be elected. It had nothing to do with a silly letter, and you know it. I guess it's easier to blame someone else then to look at the real reasons why Al Donahue is totally unwanted as an official in the Village of Buchanan. Enough damage has been done. The people have spoken again, and again, and again, and again, and again. It's time he moved on, enjoyed his life, and let all of his hatred go.