Yorktown Funeral Director Launches 3D Printing Business

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Yorktown resident William LaPierre has launched Mini 3D Me which produces 3D images.
Yorktown resident William LaPierre has launched Mini 3D Me which produces 3D images. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chelsea Waller

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- A Yorktown funeral director is getting into another line of work.

William LaPierre, owner of Clark Funeral Home, in Yorktown is entering the world of 3D printing.

LaPierre is the first person in New York with a specific 3D printer and has opened Mini 3D ME.

The printer allows Mini 3D ME to create identical 3-D figurines of people, shadow boxes, portraits, wedding cake toppers, among others. The figures include \ details of the person or object such as, muscles, dimples, facial expressions, clothing wrinkles, hair, clothing logos, accessories, and buttons.

The goal of Mini 3D ME is to freeze time and create lifelong memories for people.

"This is a big deal," Chelsea Waller, a spokeswoman for Mini 3D ME said. "Other companies don't have this detail."

Waller said the detail in the photos is stunning.

"You are creating mini-identical replicas of people," Waller said. "If you are wearing clothing, the logo comes out. This is a new way to do a family portrait."

Mini 3D ME has been in business for two months and is hoping to open a storefront soon. Waller said they have been going to trade shows and bridal shows to pitch the company and hope to open the storefront in Yorktown or somewhere close in Northern Westchester.

"We are reaching out to sports teams," Waller said. "We have had offers to do figures for the team. We are trying to connect with people in the community."

LaPierre has lived in Yorktown for more than 40 years and has run the funeral home since 1996.

"He loves computers and loves technology," Waller said. "He's a true Yorktowner. He's creating lifelong memories. This is the future of printing."

For more information visit www.mini-3d-me.com or contact  914-522-3648.

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Our website is www.mini-3d-me.com
Phone: (914)-522-3648
Email: Mini3DME@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mini3DME
Twitter: @Mini3DME
Instagram: Mini3DME

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