Teatown Reservation Plans Sharpshooters For Deer Kill

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The Teatown Lake Reserve plans on using sharpshooters to help control the deer population in the area.
The Teatown Lake Reserve plans on using sharpshooters to help control the deer population in the area. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

OSSINING, N.Y. -- Ossining's Teatown Lake Reservation will employ sharpshooters to kill up to 75 deer in an effort to maintain balance in the area's ecosystem, according to LoHud.com. 

The steadily growing deer population in the area continues to eat trees, seeds and other plant life at a rate that impacts the entire ecosystem, including loss of bird life, according to LoHud.com.

Sharpshooters will kill the deer at night and the meat will be donated to charities that feed venison to the needy, LoHud.com reported.

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Comments (5)

I've had the misfortune of deer hitting my car four times in my last 25 yrs of driving. I'm lucky to be alive! This last fall from October to December our highways were virtually littered with deer remains, with red blood and guts stains smeared for many feet on the blacktop. Not what anyone likes to see, or should encounter. If anything can be labeled disgusting, running over the remains of these animals on the road certainly is. But practically speaking, deer control is being effectively done on our roads, with real peril to motorists.
Since some people object to hunting as a means of animal control, maybe the solution is to bring back natural predators, like wolves, cougars,and more coyotes. Does this sound like a good solution? It's natures way of course. Seriously, I don't think so.
No one has come up with more effective or humane way to control the exploding population of deer in our area. Hunting, by natural predators or man works. All the emotion laden words (killing contest, empathy, sick, ashamed etc,) will not solve the problem. Let's not fool ourselves.

There is something broken when those posting have more compassion, more humanity, and more effective means to control deer overpopulation than CEO Kevin Carter. All would hope Teatown, a Nature Center visited by children would take a leadership role on this issue. Or at best follow the example of Hastings which has committed itself to a non lethal and much safer means of controlling deer. Where was the public's opportunity for input and recommendations? Does Mr. Carter really believe residents approve of hunters so close to our homes? All due respect, but I see no reason for Mr. Cater to be smiling. This action hasn't be thought out, hasn't involved the public, and is not within the expected mission of any Nature Center wishing to be regarded in a positive light by the those concerned with the downward direction for what was an Nature Oasis It is now a killing field..

Population control has always been a challenge in the field of Wildlife Management. Contraception has long been deemed an ineffective solution, and fences are expensive to erect and maintain (it also only pushes the deer population into backyards and streets).

Take, for example, Princeton NJ which banned deer hunting in the township. Car-deer accidents skyrocketed, with multiple people killed, and eventually they were forced to bring in sharpshooters to manage the situation.

NJ has long had a comprehensive management plan that includes hunting, but it isn't a palatable solution in Westchester (in part because of the density of the human population -- many parts of NJ are very rural).

Targeted reduction of the deer population through sharpshooters is the only effective way of managing a population whose only two controls are disease and starvation (and they will starve after they eat through the understory at teatown). It's also a far more humane solution.

Since the administration seems to have not explored other options, I have taken a moment to research this issue. The above article is written by wildlife experts who discuss non lethal means of controlling deer population.
Many questions; how much is Teatown spending on the sharpshooters? What measures have been taken to protect the public? To Naomi Marrow, Chairperson, Teatown, does this method really comply with your mission which states," to encourage nature friendly activities"?

What a disgusting Event for Teatown to promote. I can see other efforts to control the deer population but this is over the top and teaches all the wrong things to children.This is another Killing Contests for people without empathy who get some sick pleasure out of taking a life.Teatown's adminstration should be ashamed.