See Space Station In Cortlandt Skies Friday, Saturday Night

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As the ISS passes over Westchester County the next few days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night will all offer brief windows to see it with the naked eye. Photo Credit: flickr

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – The International Space Station (ISS) can be easily spotted with the naked eye—if you time it just right.

According to, the best time to observe the ISS is when it is night time in your location but sunny where the Space Station is. Such times tend to occur in the morning before sunrise or in the evening after sunset.

As the ISS passes over Westchester County the next few days, the following times will provide the best chance to see it (in order of most visible to least visible):

  • Thursday, April 25 from 8:03 p.m. to 8:10 p.m. (Northwest to Northeast)
  • Saturday, April 27 from 8:00 p.m. to 8:05 p.m. (West to Southwest)
  • Friday, April 26 from 8:50 p.m. to 8:55 p.m. (West to Southwest)
  • Thursday, April 25 from 9:42 p.m. to 9:44 p.m. (West to Southwest)
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Comments (15)


Thank you very much for the information. We saw it Friday night with our children. My 8 year old proclaimed how much she wished she were on it!

It moves at approximately 17,500 mph (minimum speed to stay in orbit) or more and is between 190 and 330 miles above sea level. Which is why if you aren't out there between those exact times you will have to wait for the next pass.

Fantastic! :-)


My son and i tried to catch it both nights- nothing/ what do we look for? Is it pretty clear and we are just missing it?


I'll be going out with my son tonight to look for it. He's very excited because they talked about it in school recently.

Helen M:

Brilliant - we saw the 8:03 traverse.
Thank you!


Thank you for this article. Saw it with my kids last night! I used the Star Walk app to find it in the sky then watched it pass overhead. Very cool!

Saw the shuttle last night. Thanks for the tip!


google "iss passover.".. and look fast because it's moving by at a pretty good clip up there! :)


Just saw the update.Thanks.


WNW according to an amateur astronomer type I know.and GOOGLE will have the info too.

Jane B:

Saw it up in Maine a few years ago ! We sang America. The beautiful as it passed overhead so very proud


It takes about 90 minutes to circle the earth so yea,twice.Wish they would have mentioned which direction it's going in.I'm up north NY and would like to see it.I saw it the other night when I was out walking the dog!


Hi Jesse, I just updated the post with directions so hopefully you see this in time and you get to see it again. Thanks!


And, does it really pass by twice tonight as indicated?


Where do we look...North, South, East, West??


Hi scribe, I just updated the post with the directions the station should be moving in. Thanks and I hope this helps!

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