Congresswoman Hayworth Holds Town Hall Meeting

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Rep. Nan Hayworth at the Somers Town Hall on Wednesday.
Rep. Nan Hayworth at the Somers Town Hall on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Mike Lubchenko
Congresswoman Nan Hayworth addressed a room full of constituents.
Congresswoman Nan Hayworth addressed a room full of constituents. Photo Credit: Mike Lubchenko

SOMERS, N.Y. -- It was standing room only at Somers Town Hall on Wednesday night as Rep. Nan Hayworth (R – Mount Kisco) fielded questions from over 70 constituents. Among the most popular topics were jobs, taxes, healthcare and education. 

“How do you feel about repealing ObamaCare?” asked Mahopac resident Irene Hufnagel. 

Hayworth said that she’d like to see it repealed and replaced.

“Insurance products should be available across state lines so that Americans have a choice. Competition would reduce the cost of insurance,” Hayworth said. 

Bedford resident Len Martello addressed how Hayworth has talked about the need to stop tax breaks to some corporations. 

“Yet you voted for continued tax subsidies to big oil companies as opposed to some start-ups,” Martello said. “Why do you continue to support tax subsidies to big oil?”

Hayworth responded by saying that she does not support continued tax subsidies to any entities. 

“I want to see a flat tax. I want to see a fair, even code that doesn’t treat renewable any differently than it does big oil, or any other companies,” Hayworth said.

Hayworth moved on to discuss her plans to increase jobs, saying that she tries to take action on a local level wherever she can. 

“Every regulation that we pass affects small businesses disproportionately,” Hayworth said. “In the house we’ve tried to lift some regulatory burdens that we feel are holding businesses back.” 

Dr. Ifay Chang of Somers asked about the issue of public schools having trouble not only with quality performance, but with finances as well.

“What do you think Congress can do to really help public schools or should they?”

Hayworth, who said she is a strong proponent of public schools, would “like to see the federal government stop putting mandates on our local schools. That’s the single most direct benefit we could provide to our communities.”

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Comments (15)

Thats why they call her......Do Nothing Nan !

Dear Mrs Hayworth,

Please tell us what have you done for the people in your district since you been in public office aside from doing political favors for your cronies? Have you lowered our taxes? Have you cut spending? Please if you will, tell us what you have done for us tax payers?

We don't need another do nothing Politician representing us taxpayer up in Albany.

What has she done for us since she has been in Public office besides collecting more
donations and raising our taxes each year? Who needs another tax and spend Politician?

Its time we cleaned house and got new candidates who stand up and fight for the people.

I'm glad that she finally had a town hall meeting. She is all over the TV and radio, but can never seem to find the time to meet with the people she actually represents.
I also found it frustrating that there was no opportunity for discussion or push back when she starts spouting her talking points that have no basis in reality (ex. the Affordable Care Act will cut $500 billion from Medicare. In actuality the cuts will come from the Medicare Advantage program and will only affect the amount of waste that the govt. pays to private insurance companies. It will not affect the services that seniors receive.)

She is right about one thing, though. You have to get your information from various sources.

Not surprisingly, the bulk of the funding for Nan Hayworth’s campaign came from banks, insurance companies, HMOs and the local health care industry which have plenty of chits to cash in from their clientele in Congress (compared to Sue Kelly –who fundraised from a greater variety of business interests – it is interesting to note that Hayworth’s campaign contributions came so disproportionately from the financial and health care sectors). Already Hayworth has voted to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – the number one item on the health care industry’s agenda. Over the next few months she can be expected to vote to dismantle the Dodd-Frank legislation on financial regulations, to make permanent the Bush tax cuts for the highest tax brackets, to abolish the Estate Tax, and other measures meant to protect the profits of her financial patrons.

In addition to the boilerplate economic issues that all Republican candidates campaigned upon in 2010, it will be telling to watch how Congresswoman Hayworth is going to vote on any proposed changes to our national gun control and mental health laws in response to the Tucson shootings. So far, it seems that the most pivotal legislation will be that introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D NY-4) that would ban high-capacity magazines like the 33-round clip used in Arizona. According to The Poughkeepsie Journal, the 19th District’s new U.S. Representative is opposed to even the most modest measures of reforming national gun laws.

Freshman Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth of Mount Kisco, Westchester County, said that even if McCarthy's proposal became law, it would be circumvented. "There would be an extensive secondary market," she said. "So these clips would still be available."
Amazingly enough, Hayworth contends that she will respond to this deadly commerce in extended ammo clips with no legitimate civilian use by voting for the United States government to sit on their hands, parroting the press releases of the National Rifle Association - her campaign’s 9th-largest contributor. Even on the matter of mental health policy – which national Republicans are now hoisting as a cudgel with which to address the Tucson massacre and sidestep gun control altogether – Hayworth promulgates the archaic doctrine of federal impotency.

"The relevant law has been established," she said. "It is incumbent on the state of Arizona to determine how better to enforce it. I don't feel this is a matter for the Congress to pursue at this time."
If Nan Hayworth’s response to the first national crisis of the 112th Congress is going to be emblematic of her voting record for the remainder of her term, it might portend that she will vote to maintain the deregulation of business and public sector minimalism to the most absurd limits of Henry Hazlitt’s laissez faire ideology.

The assemblage at the meeting was a heterogeneous mix of Republicans Democrats Liberals and Conservatives. What was interesting though was the retired teacher and the woman sitting next to him knitting away like Mme. Defarge. Both were obviously against everything the Congresswoman has been accomplishing and Defarge obviously had her knickers in a snit because she just couldn't keep her nastys to herself. This woman and her ilk need to control themselves and start acting in a civil manner or they will end up self destructing just like Defarge. We need more women in Congress like Hayworth.

Other than obstructing just what is it that she has accomplished ? Of course if you are coming from the 'tea party' mindset than maybe that suits you just fine.

I am comfortable having a highly educated experienced physician who has worked as a consultant in the healthcare field help fashion a workable healthcare policy out of the thousands of pages of a hastily adopted mess fashion by a highly educated community organizer.

Talk about Kool -Aide drinkers. If the previous comments are an indication of the intellectual abilities of the opposition then Nan you have nothing to worry about. Keep up the good work.

Really, and just what good work would that be ? Perhaps it is you who should be laying off the sauce.
The woman has been an embarrassment to anyone watching and has plenty to worry about in the upcoming election.

Glad you actually said something of substance...

Nan Hayworth has been a disaster for the district and for the country. She speaks out of all sides of her mouth. She does not deserve to be reelected.

Agreed! And all she does at her 'meetings' is repeat the same old lame Republican talking points.


If a Teacher can't be on the Board of Ed. where they teach, then a Doctor can't make policy and laws regarding health care. Talk about a conflict of interest....