Proposed Costco Wholesale Club Moves Forward In Yorktown

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Costco is hoping to turn this former motel into a 151,000 square-foot wholesale club in Yorktown.
Costco is hoping to turn this former motel into a 151,000 square-foot wholesale club in Yorktown. Photo Credit: File Photo
Whether or not to bring a Costco to Yorktown has become a contentious issue in town.
Whether or not to bring a Costco to Yorktown has become a contentious issue in town. Photo Credit: File Photo

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- The proposed Costco Wholesale Club at 3200 Crompond Road in Yorktown is in the hands of the planning board.

Costco, which plans to build a 151,000 square-foot wholesale club with a gas station, is currently answering planning board questions as part of its State Environmental Quality Review Assessment (SEQRA) process.

Costco is expected to have it 1200-question response back no later than Jan. 14. After it accepts the response, the planning board will then review Costco's site plan along with a special use permit for it to have a gas station.

"This is a high priority and continues to move forward," Councilman Terrence Murphy said.

Murphy said he hopes Costco breaks ground this fall.

"Costco is really doing their due diligence," Murphy said. "From environmental studies to traffic studies, they are crossing their T's and dotting their I's on every aspect of the project."

Murphy said Costco is also more than halfway done with its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). He said projects like this show the town is open for business.

"The previous town board was not," Murphy said. "We have close to $200 to $300 million of projects in the town. You couldn't get anything done here previously. The doors are open to business in Yorktown."

About 10 percent of Yorktown's tax base is from commercial businesses and Murphy said he would like that number to be around 27-28 percent.

"This way we don't have to take as much from our residents," Murphy said. "That's where Costco comes in."

Councilman Nick Bianco said while Costco is a planning board issue he thinks it is an appropriate thing in the appropriate place.

Opponents of Costco claim the wholesale club would increase traffic, hurt local businesses and cause a number of other environmental concerns. Costco, which plans to make infrastructure improvements to curb flooding on Route 202, said it will produce more than $900,000 a year in tax revenue for the school and the town.

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Comments (16)

This has dragged on for YEARS. Yorktown is anti large business and our taxes keep going up! There is no reason it should take this long to open a Costco in our town. I am sure the reason great chain stores and restaurants don't come to our town is the red tape and hoops the town makes them get through.

The problem is that the opponents came in with all sorts of BS complaints that need to be responded to. If you read the Yorktown News a couple of weeks ago, one of the columnists is an opposition leader, and he actually brought up the gas station again, even though no one ever said a thinG about a 12 pump Shell station that opened right on Route 202 a few years ago and could actually affect traffic (if they were cheap and people wanted to wait in line to get gas there, which they aren't). I believe that all of the responses are finally in. My fear is that there is a lawsuit filed after it (hopefully) gets approval, which would delay it even further. And you're right, other chains must be looking at this and deciding that they do not want to do business in Yorktown, which probably is an added benefit for the opposition.

BTW I don't think that the majority of Yorktown residents (or the town board) are anti-business, just a few loud and apparently well-financed people.

Just when will this project be approved? It is starting to sound like the XL pipeline. We need the taxes generated by this store. There are some in Yorktown that want our town to be like, well maybe Cold Springs? Well it is NOT Cold Springs.
There are a lot of people living here in Yorktown that are having a hard time b/t local taxes and school taxes. It seems that some don't seem to mind that the school taxes go up each and every year. I and many others live on a fixed income and don't have the luxury of our incomes increasing every year. In fact did you see the massive increase in the Social Security payments? Well neither did I, but I did see an increase in my Medicare tax. The new store would not only increase the tax base but would offer jobs to people in the community. We need to grow the economy of Yorktown. People are not only leaving Yorktown but are leaving the state in droves. Go to the next meetings about Costco and tell Mr. Bianco and Mr Patel to get off their ARSES and do something about pushing this project through!! This stalemate, 2 to 2 is NOT going to be tolerated! Call them and tell them you want them to stop stalling the project.
(914) 962-4563 and
(914) 962-5722 ext. 418 . I am sure both will be happy to hear from you.

What next meetings? It's still in the hands of the Planning Board. The Town Board has no say on it at the moment, unless something has changed.

I hope they do open a Costco. They are a great company and treat their employees very well -- good pay and benefits. NOT like Sam's Club and Walmart.

Our politicians are so sure that Costco will not have a quality of life impact, let them stand behind their words and their surety. Let them have an open door for complaints from citizens from now on and well beyond when they leave office. Yorktown will change and these politicians must take future responsibility. I suggest that our local citizens voice their complaints at the private businesses and residences of our local politicians for the next 5 years.

Why don't they allow Costco to move into the old Food Emporium? The building is already there! Personally, I think the idea of putting a Costco in is absolutely ridiculous because there will be BJ's right across the street. None of these politicians are looking at what will help the residents, but instead are looking at big business and their own agendas. The town has gotten worse and worse over the years. My family has been here for over 100 years and the stories I've heard about the town then and the way it is now - absolutely despicable. I'm becoming ashamed to even say I live here. The town steals money from its residents and then acts like they don't have to fix the problem. They can't even plow our roads right! Even the town employees only give a damn about themselves and not the residents. It's disgusting. The land on 202 is being destroyed to widen the road due to traffic problems, which is only going to get worse if they allow Costco to move in. They destroy the land and nobody cares. Our taxes are increased year after year so that they can get pay increases that they don't deserve. And anyone who thinks that a business is going to take the tax burden off the residents is an absolute fool.

Seriously, have Costco move into a 50,000 square foot building in the middle of town instead of the 150,000 they want? How ridiculous can you get? It's not the right size building, and even if it were, do you want something like that in the middle of town and force everyone to use the single lane roads to get there? The nice thing about where Costco will (hopefully) be is that many customers can get there via the Taconic and avoid local roads. And having Costco across the street from BJ's is not as ridiculous as you might think. They're right down the road from each other in Brookfield, CT and both seem to be doing fine.

Its over one year since the Public Hearing . We were # 51 to speak. And written questions were submitted . We are waiting to hear who will certify and measure down stream water flows from this paved over site? Will they use real manhole flow metering? Will the Hunterbrook flooding overflows still be past over by the Town and the Chamber of Commerce .

It is hard to see how infrastructure improvements help with flooding on Rt 202. The land slopes away from Rt 202. It does eventually flow into Hunter Brook, down by the BMP and that crosses Rt 202 near the BMP. That area has already been improved by the current road widening project. which has nothing to do with Costco or State Land. Costco does have to meet, but not necessarily exceed, the storm water regulation which basically only require that the flows off the property do not exceed what happens currently. Because of massive amounts of impervious pavement and building roof, it means that they have to do a lot of water retention just to keep the flow rates down. Do not equate doing a lot of storm water retention with improving the flooding. It is only required to break even. Costco is only a small percentage of the watershed in that part of the Hunter Brook drainage, so it is hard to have a major effect on the total flow under RT 202.

I want to know what tax concessions the town is making. BJ's provided no tax relief for the residents because of concessions. BTW...I don't need an environmental study to know the traffic impact on 202.

What tax concessions did BJ's get? None that I am aware of. They didn't even need approval for it since it was an existing shopping center, as I recall. Costco has not asked for tax concessions, either.

At least Councilman Murphy is doing something. For far too long yorktown has elected a bunch of do nothings. I guess the residents must really love paying the taxes they have for years! Only a fool would put up a stink and try to block a business that will be in a commercial zone and lighten the tax burden on the residents.

Only a fool would actually think that allowing a business to come in would take the tax burden off the residents. If you think that, you need to open your eyes and see what everything is really all about. There will be no tax burden lifted from us. We're just going to keep getting screwed over by a bunch of greedy politicians who are all more than likely getting kickbacks (regardless of legality) to allow the unneeded and unwarranted business to enter the town. Only a fool would believe a politician.

Its about time to move on the Costco issue....Someone tell Murphy the town board remained the same with Paganelli just now leaving as Highway Super and no replacement yet....

Exactly WHAT $200-$300 million worth of projects is Councilman
Murphy talking about? The councilman keeps talking about a 4-story indoor sports facility on Route 6 but even the developer says that's not likely to happen. A shopping center on the State Land property on Route 202? That's still very hypothetical. Please, Mr. Murphy, let's see your $200 million list. There's a difference between reality and political hype.