Powerless Cortlandt Con Edison Customers Frustrated

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This sign was posted at the corner of Furnace Dock and Furnace Brook roads in Cortlandt, and reads, "STILL NO POWER!!! CON ED WHERE ARE YOU?" Photo Credit: User submitted

CORTLANDT, N.Y. - As a snowstorm rolled Wednesday afternoon into Cortlandt, Con Edison customers still without power in the area say they're increasingly frustrated with the utility.


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What do you think of Con Edison's efforts to restore power to those affected by super storm Sandy?

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Con Edison estimates the power will be restored Friday for the approximately 2,775 customers without power in Cortlandt, Croton and Buchanan as of Wednesday afternoon. The outages represent about 22 percent of the entire Town of Cortlandt. 

"We haven't seen a single truck," said Claudia Capshaw, a Croton resident. "I think we're always the last to get help."

Town of Cortlandt officials said Con Edison has 150 crews working in all of Westchester County's 43 municipalities a little more than a week after Hurricane Sandy hit the area.

"A couple days ago, we would call, and it appeared we had electricity, so that shows there's something wrong with their system," said Capshaw, who has no heat or electricity and, because her family's house uses well water, also has no running water.

Croton officials are advising residents to register their outage with Con Edison's hotline every morning (800-75-CONED) because as larger lines are restored the utility company assumes feeder lines are restored, which may not always be the case.

"They give you an 800 number to call, and you can't get through to it," said Mark Digiugno, who lives on Truesdale Drive in Croton. He and his wife, Rose Diguigno, have been staying in a hotel since the storm, because Rose has a pacemaker and gets heart arrhythmia when she's cold.

"It’s tough for the elderly, like my parents, who are on private roads," said Craig Digiugno, of Tarrytown, who has been helping his parents whom he described as "low on (Con Edison's) priority list."

"It's outrageous!" wrote Supervisor Linda Puglisi in a press release, Monday. In the same press release, Puglisi said she intends to file a complaint with New York State's Public Service Commission regarding the utility's performance. The commission regulates utility companies in the state. 

Perceptions about whether Con Edison was doing "a good job" seemed tied to whether one had electricity.

Croton resident Len Tobey, whose electricity was restored a couple days after losing it, said: "I think that Con Edison has done a good job. I think the politicians have done a terrible job."

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To add insult to injury wait and see the increase Con Ed will request to the PSC. They will say it is needed because of the cost to restore the power, and the lost revenues they incurred. If it were not for a group of workers from Mississippi, our neighborhood would still not have power.

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