Playhouse Cancels Appearance By Ex-Con Actor, Yonkers Native Brancato

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An appearance at the Ridgefield (Conn.) Playhouse by actor and ex-con Lillo Brancato, a Yonkers native, has been canceled.
An appearance at the Ridgefield (Conn.) Playhouse by actor and ex-con Lillo Brancato, a Yonkers native, has been canceled. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- An appearance by Yonkers native Lillo Brancato, an actor known for his work in the film "A Bronx Tale" and HBO's "The Sopranos," has been canceled because of unease about the actor's conviction in a robbery that led to the murder of a police officer, according to the Hartford Courant.

A spokesman for the Ridgefield Playhouse told the Courant that an appearance by Brancato would "damage the reputation of the playhouse." The appearance was scheduled for Saturday, March 29.

Brancato was arrested and charged with second-degree murder of an off-duty police officer during an attempted robbery in 2005. His partner in the robbery was sentenced to life in prison, while Brancato was convicted of first-degree robbery.

Brancato was released from prison on Dec. 31 and has since announced his intention to return to acting.

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Comments (9)

he had his chance and blew it..a police officer is dead because of his actions.this guy should still be in jail. any bets on how long before he is locked up again.

Lillo Brancato should appear at the Town Hall of Eastchester, the crooks that run the town love him

Glad they had the stones to cancel this piece of excrement, a Police Officer is dead as a result of the crime he was arrested for. Like to know why the venue scheduled him in the first place. Guess the kitchen got to hot.

The man has paid for his crime by spending time in prison. How is he supposed to re-enter society if he is denied the chance to do honest work? The managers of that theater are not only heartless, they're also foolish. Are they afraid that he's going to pull a gun on the audience in the middle of the performance? If they were smart, they'd realize that Mr. Brancato's notoriety would sell more tickets. ... The award-winning actor Charles S. Dutton spent several years in prison for manslaughter while he was a young man. Now he is highly respected in his field. Why should Mr. Brancato be denied the same chance to have a second chance because of this theater's snobbishness?

Because he was given a golden opportunity the first time around by Robert dinero, and blew it! He's talent- less and turned into a junkie after getting some fame instead of progressing. If he wants back in let him earn it!!!!!

Well, how would you suggest he "earn it?"

I agree with you totally Villager – the double standard abounds when it comes to rappers, stars and the black community. It’s too bad we are afraid of saying it loud and clear…

Agree with their decision - a dead police officer.... And this man is REALLY gone from this earth, not like on TV when a murdered character gets up and can go him. That said, when these venues turn JayZ away, or any number of rap gangstas, I'll believe their sincerity. That guy was a crack dealer and shot his own brother! And yet, that somehow elevates him. We have become a truly sick society where real Losers, win.

While under New York law all rights and privileges are returned once someone is released from prison, parole and probation, even the right to work; it is the unfortunate stigma one must overcome to continue back into a society which is the hardest of hurdles. People are loathe to "forgive" felons; but we must be circumspect on each case and decide for ourselves who should be allowed to reenter the realm each of us are willing to accept.