Missing Autistic Child Is Found In Ossining, Westchester Police Say

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- An autistic child who wandered from her grandparents' Ossining home was found by Westchester County police on Saturday, according to a police statement issued Sunday morning.

The 3-year-old girl was discovered using a tracking canine by police officer Brian Tierney after a 9-1-1 call was received from the girl's grandmother reporting her disappearance from their Feeney Road residence at about 5:08 p.m., police said.

The grandmother had been playing with her granddaughter on the back porch but went inside the house for a moment, according to police. When the woman returned to the porch, she saw that a safety barricade had been moved and the child was gone, according to police.

Two county officers on patrol in town responded to the home immediately followed by multiple other county officers and assets.

Officers began a search of the family’s home and property as well as the adjacent woods and a stream as the county police Aviation Unit helicopter searched the area from above. In addition, officers fanned out to check all pools at nearby homes.

Tierney used his tracking canine, a bloodhound named Saratoga, a Bloodhound. Saratoga was presented with an item of the child’s clothing and followed her scent through several neighboring yards. Saratoga led Tierney to a multi-level swing set that had an attached playhouse. Tierney looked inside the playhouse and saw the child huddled in a corner.

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Comments (5)

thankgod the author of the article verified twice that the dog was a bloodhound....

I would put some kind of monitoring system on the child because this can happen again. If you ever read the book by John Kellerman called "Rage" you will know why. Watching and keeping track of a child with special needs is a challenge but is very important. This is also wise for anyone who is caring for an elderly person who needs special care. With today's technology I would use it cause too many people have not had such a happy ending.

Very happy news that this child was found without any harm. Congrats to the entire police force, and everyone else, for responding so quickly; especially Saratoga and officer Tierney!

I'm sure the child's grandparents and other relatives are so very relieved.

Congrats to the police dept, Officer Tierney, and Saratoga. It is wonderful and reassuring to know such talent is available!!!!!

Great job Saratoga and the police department! So glad there was a happy ending in a situation that could have been tragic.