Mayoral Candidate Knickerbocker's Buchanan Roots Run Deep

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Theresa Knickerbocker is running for mayor of Buchanan.
Theresa Knickerbocker is running for mayor of Buchanan. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Theresa Knickerbocker

CORTLANDT, N.Y. -- The Village of Buchanan is in Theresa Knickerbocker's blood.

Knickerbocker, whose family is multi-generation Buchanan, is running for mayor in next Wednesday's election against Al Donahue, to replace outgoing mayor Sean Murray.

Knickerbocker, who was elected to the village board in 2009, has been deputy mayor since 2010. She ran unsuccessfully for Cortlandt Town Board last year.

"This is a great village and I want to keep it moving for another four years," Knickerbocker said. "I want to keep the progress moving forward."

Knickerbocker said when it comes to Indian Point, whose Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) agreement expires this year, she is focused on getting the best deal for Buchanan.

"I have no problem with Indian Point going back on the tax rolls," Knickerbocker said.

Knickerbocker said she intends on doing research with other municipalities that have plants and see what agreements they have reached.

"We want to get the most money we can get," Knickerbocker said. "The village needs the money for infrastructure improvements."

The current PILOT agreement has Entergy, which owns Indian Point, paying the village $1.9 million.

"This is a huge part of our tax base," Knickerbocker said. "A substantial part of our money comes into the village from them. They are also a huge employer."

Knickerbocker has expressed her opposition to a proposed natural gas pipeline that would run through the village, as well as an underground powerline proposed by West Point Partners.

"It's not exactly a positive for our village," Knickerbocker said.

If elected mayor, Knickerbocker said she would like to maintain the great quality of life Buchanan residents have.

"It's about maintaining services and still keeping it affordable to live here," Knickerbocker said. "The people of Buchanan make it the best village. We have a lot of good people. This is a great community, it makes my job easier."

Knickerbocker's Buchanan roots run so deep that her mom was born across the street from where she lives now.

"I try to support the community," Knickerbocker said. "My family has been here for many years."

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Comments (10)

Jeez....please don't forget AL was the guy that gave us ten years of no tax increases while services and materials kept rising...and then lo and behold, when he leaves office, it forces the new board to raise taxes and puts us in this position...a ten year old child would have known to at least raise taxes a little each's no wonder why he stayed as an entry level State Trooper for TWENTY NINE years!...

Did you know that Al Donahue signed the original PILOT implementing agreement...dictating the terms of IP3? Now, he claims to be against the PILOT. Really? As said, Mr. Donahue will say anything to get elected. Truth doesn't matter.

Hey Buchanan residents. Instead of looking at Indian Point as a rateable, you should see it as a high level waste storage facility and tax it as such. You should receive compensation from the feds, as well, for hosting such a hazardous. facility.

I'd like to know where the bond money for the sewage treatment plant went to.Knickerbocker and the board have some explaining to do.I also hear that if she gets elected the PILOT agreement with entergy is as good as signed and out taxes will go up even more.Why is it ok to give entergy a huge tax break?why isn't knickerbocker looking out for the residents of Buchanan instead of a huge corporation?

According to their web site (Donahue and Smith), the board claimed to have used the "fictitious" bond to pay for repairs at the plant plant 4 times. They also posted a copy of the Pilot agreement which indicates Entergy will go back on the tax rolls at the current rate. Personally, I like the pictures of the holes that have rusted through the steel beams. Glad I don't have to walk over that tank everyday.

Donahue knows full well that the bond was never taken and, therefore, never used. Donahue says whatever he feels like saying and threatens those who disagree. Smith is just his sacrificial political hack. Did you know that Al Donahue signed the original PILOT implementing agreement...dictating the terms of IP3? Now, he claims to be against the PILOT. Really? As said, Mr. Donahue will say anything to get elected. Truth doesn't matter.

If you want to see how she'll run the Village,just look at her run down abandonded propertys

Quality of life in Buchanan? Tax increases of over 100% since moving to this village less than 10 yrs ago.
For what? Garbage pickup and a police department for a 4 square mile village??

It's time for the Village of Buchanan and it's government to be dissolved and the village be absorbed into the Town of Cortlandt.

Nothing is happening in Buchanan. Ms Knickerbocker's own buildings remain empty of businesses, just tenants in the apartments upstairs. No business can survive in the village of Buchanan and we've seen at least 4 come and go in the past few years.

This Buchanan resident is tired of seeing my taxes rise to support an unnecessary village government and police force.

Consolidating local government and services makes the most sense and will save Buchanan residents from being taxed out of their homes, if we can even sell them.

This comment reflects my own thoughts. I have lived here more than 20 years, and have been saying the same things for most of them. It was fine to have all of these expensive services when Con Ed was paying for most of it. As we all know times have changed and Buchanan taxpayers can no longer afford to support the village services. I, too, would like us to be absorbed by Cortlandt.