Indian Point Unit 2 Shuts Down Unexpectedly

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Indian Point Unit 2 was shut down unexpectedly, Wednesday afternoon. There was no release of radiation. Photo Credit: Provided

BUCHANAN, N.Y. - Indian Point Unit 2 nuclear power plant was manually shut down Wednesday afternoon after plant officials said monitoring equipment showed fluctuating water levels inside the plant's steam generators.

There was no release of radioactivity and no threat to the safety of workers or the public.

Plant officials said the shutdown occurred when "two pumps that send water from a drain tank to the steam generators stopped operating."

Indian Point Unit 2 is a Westinghouse pressurized water reactor, which uses steam generated by the ultra-hot radioactive core to turn a turbine and create electricity.

"Workers were testing a valve associated with the equipment when the pumps, which are located on the non-nuclear side of the plant, stopped operating," plant officials said.

Officials are investigating the cause of the incident. Unit 2 operated for 252 days prior to Wednesday’s shutdown. Unit 3 is currently operating at full power and has been online for 104 days. Together, the two reactors generate about 2,000 megawatts of electricity.

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