Buchanan's Indian Point Safe In Event Of Earthquake, Entergy Says

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BUCHANAN, N.Y. -- Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan can withstand the worst earthquake to ever hit Westchester, according to Entergy, which operates the nuclear facility,

The company responded to claims from U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey, (D-Westchester) who called for greater safety measures to be implemented in the event of an earthquake.

Jerry Nappi, communications manager for Entergy, said Indian Point conducted a comprehensive seismic analysis showing Unit 3 was capable of withstanding the strong possible earthquake at the location. 

"We will go back and perform another analysis to show Indian Point is safe from an earthquake," Nappi said.

Nappi said the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has deemed Indian Point safe to operate after the $10 million study.

"We look at the worst earthquake that ever occurred and build to a margin above," Nappi said. "We perform analyses and make sure we can withstand the worst."

Lowey's statement came on the heels of a recent Nuclear Regulatory Commission report that detailed potential risk to the two nuclear plants in the event of an earthquake.

"This report from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission confirms once again my long-held belief that Indian Point is in need of major improvements and, in general, nuclear power facilities need tough, thorough oversight," Lowey said. "I urge Entergy to thoroughly complete the analysis and evaluations included in the NRC’s findings as quickly as possible."

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Comments (3)

I think the world of Congresswoman Lowey. She is terrific. Thus she broke my heart with her moronic statement about Indian Point.19,000 people were swept away by the Japanese tsunami, but anti nuke folks scared the Japanese populous about Fukushima. Nobody was killed or hurt by the radiation from Fukushima. Nothing was harmed by the release of some radiation into the very large ocean. You can lose an airplane in an ocean. Yet the Japanese people have to foot the bill for Rube Golberg barriers to radiation going into the ocean. I thought the Japanese people were more intelligent than Americans. I was wrong about that.

Better take a reality check on who's making the moronic statement. In what alternate universe is nuclear radiation not harmful?

of course Entergy would say that. would anyone expect they would say anything otherwise? just like duke Energies Coal Ash spill is under control. Just Like the BP oil spill has been cleaned up..what a joke, if Anything was happen at this plant, 150 square miles of this area would be un inhabitable for 1000 years. not too big a price to pay. (insert sarcasm here). for those that say it's Fail safe. Fukishima had 4 "Fail Safes" in place when the earthquake hit. guess what? they all Failed, Miserably.. radioactive waste still pours into the ocean every day to this day