Hurricane Sandy May Strike Westchester County

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Tropical Storm Sandy may make its way to Westchester County early next week. Photo Credit: NOAA

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. ‒ There is a chance of a major coastal storm with heavy rains hitting Westchester County early next week, according to the National Weather Service.

A hazardous weather outlook has been issued for Hurricane Sandy, which is now in the Caribbean but may bring heavy rains and wind to the area. Flooding and beach erosion are possible in coastal areas. But the storm's path has not yet been determined, and it could move out to sea and have little impact on Westchester.  

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Some are calling Hurricane Sandy the "Frankenstorm." That is definitely a distressing manifestation. It has displaced many people and wreaked millions in damages. It was still not finished blowing on Tuesday when this was written. However, many financial institutions in the region are offering to waive some fees to distressed consumers. But hurry, the offer is only good until Nov. 1.

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