Donahue Sees Indian Point As Major Issue In Buchanan Mayor Race

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Al Donahue is running for mayor of Buchanan.
Al Donahue is running for mayor of Buchanan. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Al Donahue

CORTLANDT, N.Y. -- Al Donahue is an institution in the Village of Buchanan.

Donahue is running for mayor of Buchanan against Theresa Knickerbocker to replace outgoing mayor Sean Murray in the town of just over 2,000 people.

Donahue has been in a fixture in the Buchanan political scene, having been mayor from 1994 to 2002 and 2008 to 2010 and also serving village trustee. 

This time, Donahue said he is running because of Indian Point. The village's PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) agreement with the nuclear power plant expires this year and Donahue would to see it put back on the tax rolls.

"The agreement was a disaster when it was signed in 2002," Donahue said. "Indian Point should be put back on the tax rolls like everyone else."

According to Donahue, the PILOT agreement cost the village $7.7 million and causes taxes to increase 464 percent. Donahue said a friend moved to Buchanan paying $6,000 in property taxes and six years later had to pay $18,000.

"It is ridiculous," Donahue said. "The village board likes to pat themselves on the back and say how wonderful they are, but they don't do anything. Somebody has to step up and do something."

As mayor, Donahue had seven straight years of zero tax increases and said that would continue if he was elected. He also criticized the current board for only allowing people to speak once at meeting.

"If you don't say something nice, they attack you and you can't answer," Donahue said. "I believe in open government."

Donahue also blasted the current board for wanting to get rid of the village justice.

"People were outraged," Donahue said. "It was out of control. I was very annoyed."

Donahue, who has raised five kids in Buchanan, has 21 grandchildren.

"Buchanan is a nice little village," Donahue said. 

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Comments (12)

And yet I can't sell the house I bought here 14 years ago for any gain.....and I have a great view of the beautiful lake!

I am in the same boat. I painted mine and put a small addition on in 2009 and they raised my taxes through the roof!

But Al did put a great slate together....Brian Smith as trustee will be awesome for the village....It'll be like Forrest Gump and Rain Man.....

Well Rain Man was an autistic savant with an amazing talent. Way I see it, there is no such amazing talent in your comparison. Perhaps you meant to say Forrest Gump and Dumbo?


Just what this village needs .....a mayor that stayed at the same rank in his job for twenty nine years....even Forrest Gump moved up from being a landscaper to owning a Shrimping less time! this guy in again and totally bankrupt the village....doesn't anyone remember the last time he was Mayor he gave the highway department (which surprisingly, employs his SON) a FIVE year deal that included both a raise AND FREE medical benefits for employees and their I ask you, guess what he'll do again if he gets elected...


Did you know that Al Donahue signed the original PILOT implementing agreement...dictating the terms of IP3? Now, he claims to be against the PILOT. Really? As said, Mr. Donahue will say anything to get elected. Truth doesn't matter. Want to waste more money on 5 year deals for the union because his son is part of that union? Vote Donahue. Want appointments of his family for huge sums of money? Vote Donahue. Come on your eyes. If you even consider putting this man back into office, you deserve everything you will get.

Because in 2002 Mayor O'Neil gave entergy a huge tax break with the PILOT program.Donahue will not renew the PILOT program with entergy and they will stop getting a huge tax break.I remember in 2004 O'Neil raise the village taxes 104%,a year after signing the PILOT agreement.

Buchanan Res- do you know how to read? Check out the document Donahue signed....forging the way for the PILOT agreement which then got blamed on O'Neil. Donahue will have NO SAY in the PILOT negotiations...and he damn well knows it. Dream on if you really believe any differently.

The village needs to explain where the money has gone during the past few years. What was once a great place to live has turned into barely livable. The employees of the village don't know what they are doing and many locals are unhappy. Even the summer camp-once a great place-has become a joke. The taxes are ridiculous and there are way too many people getting benefits.