Croton: Brace For Flooding Like Never Before From Hurricane Sandy

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Irvington residents look at flooding in the Bridge Street parking lot after Hurricane Irene caused the Hudson River to overflow. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. — Cities, towns and villages along the Hudson River were making plans Sunday to manage the effects of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to make landfall late Monday. The National Weather Service is warning of a dangerous Hudson River storm surge as a result of the storm.

"It's likely the tidal portion of the Hudson River will also be greatly affected, and tides will be greater than normal because water won't be able to drain out of the Hudson at low tide because it'll be piled up into Long Island Sound and any other tributaries that it empties into," meteorologist Craig Allen said.

"It's quite likely that there will be some major flooding — moderate to major flooding — even in towns right along the Hudson River as far north as the tidal portion of the river goes. It's going to be quite a scene."

Allen warmed of the dangers of the hurricane. 

"Everything you are reading about major inundation from record tidal flooding, river flooding and power outages lasting a week or more may come true," he said. "The Hudson and Delaware rivers will likely flood from ocean water backed up. This area has never been through anything like this. Never has a hurricane moved west toward Long Island, New York City and New Jersey."

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even in towns right along the Hudson River as far north as the tidal portion of the river goes. It's going to be quite a scene."

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Man-made storm steered by military HAARP system... don't be fooled!
Something is not right with all this B.S. media hype.


When I was a boy, bad weather was blamed on the testing of atom bombs.

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Mayor Swiderski sent a message to residents on Sunday stating, "we've been through this before, describing this unprecedented storm as follows, "the new normal." There is nothing normal about this storm. The level of denial and insulation this guy has repeatedly shown is unmatched. Talk about the wrong guy to sit in a mayoral chair.

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