Car Swerving To Avoid Deer Overturns On Route 35, Injuring Two

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Cross River Road was closed for 40 minutes Wednesday due to an overturned car.
Cross River Road was closed for 40 minutes Wednesday due to an overturned car. Photo Credit: Google Maps

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. - A car overturned on Route 35 (Cross River Road) on the Bedford-Lewisboro border after swerving out of the way of a deer that ran onto the road Wednesday, Lt. Jeff Dickans of the Bedford Police Department said.

The driver and a passenger suffered non life-threatening injuries and were taken to Northern Westchester Hospital.

The car overturned after it hit what the driver called an earth embankment around 4:29 p.m. Wednesday. Both occupants were trapped in the overturned car, and were removed by emergency personnel, Dickans said.

Cross River Road was closed between Mount Holly Road and Holly Branch Road from 4:50 to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. 

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Comments (6)

10 yrs.. ago.. while sitting in my car up the hill along Lake Katonah..I observed.. two woman together walking..each pushing a baby stroller..with two large deer tagging along 20 ft. behind...just like relaxed tame pets..Seriously! I saw this.. & later figured the woman fed them..friended them.. at their homes..Had to be the case...

Uh, Hello...?! Look at where your living/ don't like the nature around you move to more urban areas...

The Deer Population in The region is at Record Highs and still climbing even with NYS Expanding the Bow Deer Hunting Season by an additional two weeks

The deer population is down in the area of Katonah Ridge. Although, that should not influence your driving habits when your out and about around here. You need to be always on guard and watching the sides of the road when driving. Years ago, a deer came down a steep ridge near Todd Rd and rt. 22 and plastered its face right against my drivers side window. Nothing happened to the deer but thank god a car was not passing me at the time. Nothing I could do to prevent it but I remember that evening every time I am out driving.

Plenty of thriving big deer... right in that rural woods area...I was in an early AM hour encounter there with one... that ran smack dab into the side of our vehicle... got up...shuck it off.. & pranced away down toward the reservoir...Quite a memory..