Astorino Delivers Charged Address To Westchester County Association

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County executive Rob Astorino gives an address to the Westchester County Association.
County executive Rob Astorino gives an address to the Westchester County Association. Photo Credit: Suzanne Samin

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. -- Though it is unclear if he is still savoring his victory lap or gearing up for a campaign for governor, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino was in top form on Thursday as keynote speaker of the Westchester County Association's 17th annual "Breakfast with the County Executive."


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The address was concise and teeming with the motivational underpinnings characteristic of his campaign speeches.

"It's almost as if he's running for office," insinuated Bill Harrington, chairman of the association, immediately following his remarks.

Astorino focused on the collaborative effort required in Westchester County in order to achieve progress, citing the county legislature's recently formed bipartisan coalition as a step in the right direction.

"(Chairman) Michael Kaplowitz and I may not always agree on everything, but I look forward to working closely with him," he said. 

Astorino called this push for countywide across-the-aisle collaboration "focusing on the 'We' in Westchester." 

"Whether you are Democrat, Republican, liberal, moderate or conservative, there is always a place for you in Westchester," he said, rebuffing comments allegedly made by current governor Andrew Cuomo against New York's conservative population.

Astorino cited some of his accomplishments made possible through collaboration, including a $500 million social safety net, winning the majority of the quasi-unattainable Hispanic and African-American vote in 2013 and a lowered county unemployment rate of 5.5-percent, which he made sure to point out rivals state and national figures.

Astorino and Kaplowitz anticipate working together on $270 million in capital improvement projects over the next year, dwarfing last year's $87 million.

Part of that plan is continuing work on the Tappan Zee Bridge and the I-287 corridor, trying to find an affordable means of establishing a bus rapid transit system along with adding retail and offices. 

Additionally, he touched on a $500,000 project to install monitors at the White Plains Transit Center to give riders realtime updates on arrivals and departures.

In closing, he looked to the future, saying he hopes Westchester will continue to be more than just a bedroom community, but a "boardroom and playroom community," as well - promoting businesses and recreation alongside residential services.

Several local officials were present from across the county, including November challenger Noam Bramson, mayor of New Rochelle.

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Comments (9)

Although I voted for Astorino, and encouraged my friends to vote for him, I'm sorry I did. I don't believe he does what he's supposed to do. I'm not a big fan of DiBlasio, but at least he's attempting to make the city safer, by slowing down. Motorists. I have sent several emails to Astorino, asking him to insure that shopkeepers clean thier walks, his office told me he's not responsible for this, that I should contact the local legislation. I pointed out that if you live on Garth Road, you're passing through 3diffrent parts of the county. Eastchester, Scarsdale and Yonkers. I never heard back. Can you imagine if he were Governor. We pay enough taxes to insure that the county is safe.

Why would you direct your concern to Astorino and not the supervisors of Scarsdale, Eastchester and Yonkers? DiBlasio is the mayor of NYC, and it is his sole responsibility for motor vehicle/ pedestrian safety. Astorino is not a town official and has no jurisdiction over the towns you mention! Just to run out your analogy, DiBlasio didn't abdicate to the governor for a fix!

Victorious, The CE's office was right. The county has no authority to address your issue. Your issue is the responsibility of local authorities!

These weren't comments "allegedly" made by King Cuomo [ “Are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro-assault weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”]. This guy is scary and a menace to New York, which, under his leadership has lost more business in the last two years than any of his predecesors. Yes, Cuomo is pro-abortion, anti-gun ownership and pro-gay. I wonder if it is okay to get a divorce [Kerry Kennedy] and live "in-sin" with another woman and still claim to be a Catholic. Such duplicity is not uncommon in the famiily, we only have to look to his father to see that the apple doesn't fall from from the tree. Well, MR. Cuomo, I am one of those who you describe and have lived in New York my whole life and have no intention of leaving; you leave. .As to Rob Astorino's thoughts about the governor's race - go for it and get rid of this sodomite and would-be a star in the Laramie Project.

Our County Executive needs to remain at his Post to continue making Westchester the envy of New York State.

This will help prove that Mr. CUOMO's POLICIES are NOT BENEFICIAL to New York or it citizens.

We need him as governor!

he's got a great shot. I'd go all in on him.