Armonk Art Auction Benefits Bernie Madoff Victims

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Dominic Briscoe, who has been an auctioneer for the past 25 years, is seen Sunday taking bids on a painting at the Brynwood Country Club in Armonk. Photo Credit: Redmond Zmudzien
Paintings from various artists filled the Brynwood Country Club in Armonk on Sunday. Photo Credit: Redmond Zmudzien

ARMONK, N.Y. – In a banquet hall filled Sunday with artwork at the Brynwood Country Club in Armonk, many residents came out to bid on a number of rare pieces to help benefit a local family who got taken by an infamous con man.

“We’ll be selling artwork that is from a terribly large family that was victimized by Madoff,” said Dominic Briscoe of Bernie Madoff, the former financier now serving a 150-year sentence in federal prison for running a $65 million Ponzi scheme.  Briscoe was the auctioneer of the event on Sunday.  “They’re selling their personal collection.  It’s not one household, it’s extended.  They all threw in together.”

With dozens and dozens of paintings, drawings and sketches filling the room, there was plenty to choose from even for those only interested in browsing.

“I just love art and I love to look at it, I figured I’d come here rather than go into the city,” said Armonk resident Dania Greenberg.  “It’s amazing, I was surprised to see the variation and how many Picassos there were.”

Anyone who was interested in buying particular paintings could walk around the room and place a yellow sticker on the item to be sure it would be up for bid.  Briscoe would present each painting and then gave a brief biography of the artist and a description of the piece of work.  He described the assortment of paintings as ranging from “collectible to wealth level investment” as there were even some Picasso and Andy Warhol works in the collection. 

The actual auction only had a handful of bidders sitting down, though, with some of the paintings sold for a discount.

“This is like we’re selling stolen goods today,” Briscoe said.  “This is not indicative.  We usually have standing room only.”

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Cord Shows:

I question the authenticity of the items being offered having much if anything to do with the victims of Bernie Madoff. Seems that these auctions offers the same merchandise, bronzes, rugs and art by all the same group of artists. Maybe the public is catching on since the auction was not well attended? I'd love to be wrong on this.

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