AirTran Airways Leaving Westchester County Airport

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AirTran Airways will be leaving the Westchester County Airport on Aug. 11.
AirTran Airways will be leaving the Westchester County Airport on Aug. 11. Photo Credit:

HARRISON, N.Y. – Discount airline AirTran Airways, which makes up about 20 percent of flights at the Westchester County Airport, will cease operations there on Aug. 11.

In published reports, Airport Manager Peter Scherrer said that he contacted AirTran’s parent company Southwest Airlines to tell them it is a mistake to leave, adding that an unknown amount of layoffs may occur because of the decision. Whitney Eichinger, a spokesperson for Southwest Airlines, said the company wants to bring AirTran into the “Southwest network” of flights, which means canceling service at some locations including Westchester County.

“AirTran Airways can no longer support service to these particular markets due to the realities of the challenging economic environment and especially sustained high fuel prices," Eichinger said. "We've had to place a keener focus on aligning our service with customer demand and making capacity available for future opportunities without growing the current fleet.”

AirTran currently serves 300,000 of the approximately 2 million passengers who use the Westchester County Airport each year. 

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Comments (16)

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Nice pic of the Airtran but increasing fuel prices is really the great worry to keep this giant airtran in vague to serve for the millions.Regards

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This could be very alarming especially to the crews and workers of this air train company. I hope they would take into consideration the advertising business for employee's welfare.

It's sad that airlines like them are ceasing operations when they are the ones who allow people of lower-income levels to be able to travel. It's possible that other airlines are doing something underhanded in order to affect them negatively. This is not a good business practice at all.

It might had not made money for years. But they kept flying it because of the motorisation de portail prestige. And they justified it by saying the aircraft had a perfect safety record. So, after one fiery portail en fer crash, they had no more excuses. They continued to operate it for a little while, but between the rising costs of operating and maintaining them, and the reduced customer interest they simply couldn't afford it any more.

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AirTran Airways is one of the low fare airline, which is designed by American business travelers.

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Hope AirTran Airways will soon regain its financial well being and get back to normal.
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Ahhh I was not aware of these facts about AirTran Airways. They should do something to improve their services.

John Marker

Francis sorry but I really don't know what you are talking about and I suspect neither do you. I flew them more than 15 times in the last year out of HPN to destinations such as New Orleans, MCO and PBI and never had a problem they couldn't deal with. The non-stop service to MCO and PBI were convenient and inexpensive compared to JetBluewho and terrible Delta connections in Atlanta. The flight crews and equipment were perfect for these routes. I'll bet you are one of those people who think that JetBlue is like a first class airline because of their crappy TV's on board. They are forever delayed and way overpriced compared to AirTranny. I earned many free tickets on Airtran and never had a problem redeeming. Could make same day changes at no charge and seat selection at the airport to exit row every flight. Miss my AirTranny

Good riddance to a terrible airline!!! You couldn't pay me to fly them.