Summery Temps Grace Westchester Parks Clean-Up Day

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Harrison residents Leo and Paola Sposato with their 9-month-old baby, Isabella Sposato Photo Credit: Patrick Stapleton
Leo Sposato, who was at the park with his wife and daughter, said that he would pick up any litter that he saw while walking through the park. Photo Credit: Patrick Stapleton
Norwalk couple Kathy Steffens and Kevin Karl with their dog, Meg Photo Credit: Patrick Stapleton

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Couples from Harrison and Norwalk enjoyed Sunday’s beautiful 75 degree weather by going to Saxon Woods Park in White Plains and while it was “Pitch In for Parks Day” across Westchester County, all four said that they would pick up trash regardless of the day.

Kathy Steffens, who was there with her husband Kevin Karl and their dog Meg for a Sunday morning walk, picked up a Sprite can that she saw in the parking lot.

“I bring a bag for trash and litter just in our neighborhood,” said the Norwalk resident of walking her dog. “Usually we do it when we’re in the woods too.”

She learned from her father to keep the environment clean because they would always pick up litter while walking the family dog in the woods when she was younger. Since that time, Steffens said she has carried that notion with her throughout life.

“It’s kind of sad, but I think most people don’t care very much,” she said of picking up trash. “I think we should take pride in where we live and keep it clean – keep it here for the future. It just frustrates me to see a mess.”

Leo and Paola Sposato of Harrison brought their 9-month-old baby Isabella to the park for her first trip in the woods. “Americans are concerned about the environment,” but they are also concerned about jobs, Leo Sposato said.

“In the scope of the world, we’re not the best, we’re certainly not the worst,” he said about caring for the environment. “We at least have garbage cans that aren’t stolen regularly for raw materials where in parts of the world that happens. I think that we’ve had an education program in the 70s and 80s with trying to tell people not to litter and pick up after themselves. I think it’s been successful.”

While the two couples did not know about the Pitch In for Parks Day event going on Sunday throughout the county, they made sure to help the environment while they walked through Saxon Woods Park. 

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